Eventide's Discontinued Products

Hey!  2006 is our THIRTY FIFTH anniversary!  We started the digital revolution.  This page of memories is dedicated to you who have been with us, one way or the other, for the whole time.  And, of course, to those of you with Emergency EBAY Questions.  A caveat:  This page is permanently "under construction" as it relies on the fleeting memories of our founder, which memories are occasionally jogged by the odd email we receive.

bulletWe started out in the audio business.  Most of our older products are in this category. (Current Audio Products
bulletAll our Argus® moving map displays are still available.  Software upgrades are available for older units.  Trades-in can be arranged individually if you want a newer (color) model or different size.  (Current Avionics Products)
bulletA number of our older logger products have been discontinued.  If you have an older unit, many upgrades - hardware and software - are available. (Current  Communications Products)
bulletComputer Products:  Starting in the late 1970s and continuing through the 1990s we manufactured accessories for Hewlett-Packard desktop computers.  Since the computers themselves are now obsolete, there is little demand for these products.  We'll maintain information on this web site for reference and, if for some reason you still need one of these items, we'll take a look in the back.

A word about repairs.  We know that a lot of people are interested in "vintage" equipment, and would like nothing better than to get a brand new Instant FlangerTM right out of the box.  Next best is to buy one that has only been exposed to fumes from Mount Vesuvius and has a colony of lesser snakes inhabiting it and send it to Eventide to be repaired.  Sad news:  We don't repair decades-old products, not because we don't want to, but because we can't.  No parts.  Nobody remembers how.  And not economically viable.  In many cases manuals are available.  This FAQ on fixing old stuff may be of some help, along with some info on "operating systems."  A number of our vintage effects units are now available as "plug-ins."

Discontinued Audio Product Listing

Model Product Approximate Years of Mfg. Comments Repair?
DSP7500 Harmonizer 2000-2005 Stereo effects processor with sampling Yes
DSP7000 Harmonizer 2000-2005 Stereo effects processor Yes
Orville Harmonizer 1999-2004 Can be upgraded to H8000 Yes
Orville/R Harmonizer 2001-2004 Blank front panel Orville.  Can be upgraded to H8000 Yes
GTR4000 Harmonizer* 1995-2001 Guitar version of DSP4000.  Upgrade: Preset Library cards Yes
DSP4500 Harmonizer* 1998-1999 Limited Edition model.  Upgrade: Preset Library cards Yes
DSP4000 Harmonizer* 1993-2000 Sampling options and Preset Library cards available Yes
DSP4000B Harmonizer* 1994-2000 Broadcast/production version; Sampling options available.  Replacement:  DSP4000B+ Yes
H3500-B Harmonizer* 1994-2001 Broadcast version of H3500.  Preset history Yes
H3500 Harmonizer* 1994-2001 Highly "inclusive" unit, with sampling.  Preset history Yes
H3000D/SE Harmonizer 1994-2000 Sampling and upgrades available.  Preset history Yes
H3000D/SX Harmonizer* 1994-2000 Sampling and upgrades available.  Preset history Yes
H3000B+ H3000B/LT Harmonizer* 1994-2000 Sampling and upgrades available.  Preset history Yes
H3000B Harmonizer* 1990-1998 Sampling and upgrades available.  Preset history Yes
H3000S Harmonizer* 1989-1994 Sampling and upgrades available.  Preset history Yes
H3000 Harmonizer* 1988-1989 Sampling and upgrades available.  Preset history Yes
BD500 Broadcast Delay 1996-2005 Extended I/O and upgrades to Digital I/0 and extended delay are available Yes
BD941-BD942 Broadcast Delay 1993-2001 Fixed delay with relay control  Yes
BD980 Broadcast Audio Delay 1984-1996 DSP capability 10 seconds maximum, improved "catch up" Yes
SP2016 Signal Processor 1980-1986 Pioneering general purpose DSP effects unit  No
PD860 Precision Delay 1988-1992 Adjustable in microseconds for AM radio synchronization No
BD931/BD932 Broadcast Audio Delay   Fixed delay No
BD955 Broadcast Audio Delay 1977-1986 The first!  Pioneered "DUMP" and "catch up" feature No
BD1020 Broadcast A/V Delay 1995-2002 Video/Audio with enhanced delay memory, in a smaller package No
BD1002 Broadcast A/V Delay 1993-1994 BD1000 with built-in audio delay  No
BD1000 Broadcast Video Delay 1988-1993 Video Only - up to 8 seconds of delay.  Used BD980 for audio delay No
JJ193/CD254 Delay Line   Sound reinforcement-switch settable delay in milliseconds No
H969 Harmonizer* 1982-1986 Precision pitch control No
H949 Harmonizer* 1977-1984 The first "deglitched" pitch changer No
H910 Harmonizer* 1975-1984 The first high-quality, electronic pitch changer No
HM80 Harmonizer* 1978-1983 Our first entry in the MI market No
2830 Omnipressor® 1976-1984 "Black meter" version No
2826 Omnipressor® 1971-1975 "White meter" version No
FL201 Instant Flanger 1976-1984 True flanger using "bucket brigade delay chips" No
PS101 Instant Phaser 1971-1977 The first (or second?) electronic  No
C200 Digital 1975-1980 Modular delay for sound reinforcement No
5851 Digital Delay 1972-1975 8 bits of audio! No
1745M Digital Delay 1974-1980 First delay line using Random Access Memory (4096 bit chips) No
1745A Digital Delay 1972-1974 Novel home-made shaft encoder to adjust delay in 1ms steps  No
1745 Digital Delay 1970-1971 Our first digital product No

*Harmonizer® is Eventide's registered trademark for its brand of special effects devices incorporating pitch change.

Other Discontinued Products

VR208HF 8 Channel Recorder 1994-2004 8-channel HiFi recorder  
VR204 & VR204HF 4 Channel Recorder 1990-2004 Four-channel compact recorder.  Came in telephone, audio, and "HiFi" versions. Yes
VR240 8-24 Channel Recorder 1990-2004 Also sold as Dictaphone 9800.  Upgrades available. Yes
VP244 DAT player 1992-1994 Desktop logger playback only No