Although these logger products are no longer being manufactured, support and parts are still available 

VR240 Available with up to 24 channels this logging recorder can be accessed from a PC via an RS232 connection. Those customers who already own an Eventide VR240 or Dictaphone 9800, version 2.0 or lower, can upgrade to the latest features. Click here for options and pricing.

VR204 A 4-channel logging recorder ideally suited for those facilities that require sophisticated logging in a very compact and economical package. This single-drive unit will simultaneously record and play its own archives as well as play those recorded on VR320 or VR240 loggers.

VR204HF This Broadcast Logging Recorder records more than 200 hours of hi-fi audio (20Hz-14kHz) on a single DDS-3 DAT cassette. Its "three speed," multi-bandwidth capability also allows stations to record up to 400 hours at "AM-quality" (20Hz-7kHz) or up to 800 hours at "logger-quality" (20Hz-3.5kHz). Individual channels can be set to record on independent weekly, daily, or hourly schedules.

VR204 Its 4 channels store more than a month of broadcasts on a single, tiny DDS tape. Individual channel time and date stamps provide simple and fast searches of archived talk shows, air checks for advertisers, or playlist reviews. An internal hard disk provides tape drive backup and allows the unit to record and play simultaneously.

Support is no longer available for the VP244.  Some parts are still available.

VP244 This is a 4-channel desktop playback-only unit.

This page updated 10 May 2005

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