VR208HF Technical Specifications

VR208HF 8-Channel Hi-Fi Digital Logging Recorder

Hi-Fi Quality Audio - Long Record Times - One Tiny Disk

Key Features

bulletRebroadcast quality recording
bulletRecord up to 8-Channels simultaneously
bulletPlayback any combination of two channels simultaneously
bullet9.4GB DVD-RAM technology - get from one week to one month per disk
bulletAutomatic record timers
bulletRemote access from a PC or a telephone
bulletCompatible with ArchiveReviewTM software
bulletCompact playback unit available

The Eventide VR208HF Hi-Fi Broadcast Logging Recorder employs the latest 9.4GB DVD-RAM technology to record simultaneously 8 channels, for up to 24 hours, on a single rewriteable disk. Its multi-bandwidth capability allows stations to record 8 channels for up to one day at FM quality (14kHz), 8 channels for up to two days at AM quality (7kHz) or up to four days at logger quality (3.5kHz). High sampling rates ensure broad frequency response and impressive audio specs across-the-board, making the VR208HF appropriate for playback right to air. Optional features include PC Remote control software and telephone call-in access. Our economical and compact four-channel VR204HF can play back all 8 channels from the VR208HF.

Save Time and Space

The new Hi-Fi recording capability makes it easy for stations and networks to record long-form programming, and replay it on-air from a single VR208HF disk. There’s no need to change media every hour or so to save material for replays in different time zones or for overnight or weekend reuse. This logger solves a big problem for facilities which must record and archive programs daily for possible reuse on "best of" replays or compilation shows. With the old method of recording every show for use months or years later, you had to accumulate an ever-mounting pile of bulky and expensive tapes, or risk discarding something valuable. Now, with the VR208HF, you can save a year’s worth of programs in a single shoebox!

Air Check From Home or From The Road

All of the search, play, and live monitor functions from the front panel of the VR208HF are available with the optional Eventide PC Remote software, a Windows application. This allows access to the recorder from anywhere you can run a standard serial communication cable. By installing a plug-in card (available from Eventide) in your PC you can use this same program for playback from any touch-tone telephone, anywhere in the world.

Sophisticated, Yet Simple to Operate

The VR208HF looks and works like a familiar tape recorder. Press the record button and it records; press the play button and it plays. There’s no steep learning curve and you don’t have to be a computer whiz. But the VR208HF does things that no conventional tape recorder ever could. For example, if the media runs out, the VR208HF continues to record on its built-in, high-capacity hard drive. Put in new media and the unit automatically transfers the audio recorded on the hard drive, so your archive has no gaps.

Only Record What You Need

To save search time and increase capacity there is a built in Auto-Record feature. Your station has the option of setting start and stop times on a weekly, daily, or hourly schedule. For example, if you only want to record your morning program, choose the option of recording from 5:00AM to 9:00AM, Monday through Friday. Store more than a week of your morning show in rebroadcast-quality stereo as well as up to six of your competitors (in mono) on a single piece of media. Or, if you just want to record news programs, you might set the VR208HF to record every hour on the hour for 10 minutes.

Proven Track Record

Eventide pioneered digital audio logging for public safety as well as broadcast applications. Thousands of Eventide-built loggers operate around the clock, around the world in critical applications. For over 25 years, Eventide has been a world leader in broadcast products, such as our famous Eventide Harmonizer brand special effects units and our world-standard BD-series talk show delays. The VR208HF Hi-Fi Broadcast Logging Recorder is the product of our experience in the digital logger and broadcast fields, as well as comments and suggestions from many broadcasters worldwide. For further information, contact your broadcast equipment distributor, call Eventide direct at 201-641-1200, or e-mail loggers@eventide.com

VR208HF Technical Specifications


Number of archive drives: 1 or 2

Number of Channels: 8


DVD-RAM: 9.4 GB Rewriteable

DAT Tape:  DDS-3

Hard Disk: 18GB internal disk drive provides at least 260 channel-hours recording buffer. Larger internal hard disks (up to 72GB) are optionally available.


Input: Electrically balanced 10K ohms, +24dBu max

Output: Electrically balanced, +24dBu max

Frequency Response: Selectable: 20Hz-14kHz, 20Hz-7kHz, 20Hz-3.5kHz

Dynamic Range 85dB typical

Crosstalk -85dB typical

Input Gain 22.5 dB adjustable from front panel


Live Record Monitor: Mix any combination of two channels

Playback Monitor: Mix any combination of two channels

Simultaneous Record & Play: Yes


Hard disk: Milliseconds

DVD-RAM disk: Milliseconds

DDS tape: Average 35 seconds

Search Criteria: Time/Date, Channel Number, Next (gap between programs)


Display: 2 lines x 40 character vacuum florescent display

Soft Function Keys: 4 variable function keys

Fixed Function Keys: Record, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Eject

Keypad: 12 key

Screen Keys: Next and Previous

Channel Indicators: 8 channel status LED


Software Driven: Bootup System Test, Error Log, History Log, and System Monitoring

Audible Alarms: Status relay, media full, media almost full, and fault


50 position (25 pair) telephone style connector provides connections for 8 balanced input channels and two balanced output channels. Phone jacks provide connections for external speaker, relay contact, and audio line out. RS485 connections for PC remote control, label printer, and external time synchronization.



W: 17"/432mm
H: 5.25"/133mm
D: 17.5"/445mm


Unit weight: 31 lbs/14 kg
Shipping weight: 42 lbs/19kg


Desktop or 19" Rack Mount

Time Code

Resolution: 1 second
Accuracy: 2 seconds per day


100 VAC to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz


PC workstation equipped with Eventide PC Remote Control software package, ArchiveReview software package with or without SCSI drive, Smart Label Printer, play-only unit, destop enclosure, quick-install kit, media, and cleaning tapes.


Larger capacity hard disks,  DDS-3 Drives


Updated March 2004
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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