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Playback and transcribe right from your desk.

Eventide's DAT-based digital logger technology is now available in a convenient, compact, very economical desktop playback unit. The VP244 is an ideal playback-only companion product to the Dictaphone 9800 and Eventide VR240 digital audio logging recorders. The VP244 can play any of the 24 recorded channels - up to four channels simultaneously.

While most digital logging recorder/players are rackmount devices, the VP244 player is designed primarily for desktop use. Tapes recorded on any Dictaphone 9800 or Eventide VR240 DAT unit can be played back on a VP244 in another location without tying up the record unit. The VP244 features the same control and search functions as the larger digital loggers. Tapes can be searched by date, time and channel, with data shown on a two-line backlit LCD display.

The Eventide VP244 has two parts. The main electronics unit houses the DAT drive and most of the circuitry, while a smaller remote control console houses the display readout and a maintenance-free, positive-click membrane keyboard. (Eventide also offers a one-piece, rack-mountable playback unit, the VP204.)

With the VP244, playback of previously-logged audio is fast and easy. The VP244's desktop remote is designed for convenient placement alongside a PC or word processor keyboard to facilitate text transcription of material. The unit can easily be interfaced with a conventional cassette deck, to copy audio onto standard audio cassettes.

The low price of the VP244 digital logger playback deck puts it well within reach of most every public safety agency, aviation facility, financial services firm and broadcaster.

*Important: The VP244 is no longer on the Eventide price list and is available on special order only. We recommend the VP204 as a replacement. The VP244 is compatible only with DDS1 drives and cannot playback the DDS2 tapes that are used on current Eventide products.


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