Eventide Model BD941/42 Obscenity Delays

Obscenity Protection So Cost-Effective, No Station Can Afford To Be Without It.

Today's talk radio is wilder and looser than ever before. For some listeners, waiting for words "you can't say on the radio" may be a big part of the fun. But many listeners are sensitized against obscenities and other inappropriate remarks. As what goes on in the studio gets more free-wheeling, maintaining effective control on what goes out on the air has become more important than ever.

Fortunately, it's also more affordable than ever. That's because Eventide has developed the BD941 and BD942 Broadcast Audio Delays. The mono BD941 is available in both 6 and 12 second versions. The stereo BD942 offers 3 or 6 seconds of delay. Both offer obscenity protection and deletion that's so economical, any station can take advantage of it, whether your format calls for all-talk, an occasional talk show, or "incidentals" like on-air dedications.

The BD941 and BD942 give you ample time to keep a "no-no" from offending your listeners (or arousing the ire of government regulators). And they perform this key function at less than half the cost of our industry-standard BD980. Of course, we had to leave out the BD980's elegant automatic Catch-up function and some of its other advanced features. But the BD941 and BD942 have an easy, convenient system of their own.

Here's how it works. OK, you're on the air, and someone has just opened his or her big mouth a little too wide. Hit the Delete button, and the show is instantly in real time: The obscene caller or out-of-control studio guest never reaches the air. The Delete function also closes a relay contact. With an easily built relay box, this can automatically start a six (or three or twelve) second cart - a short program promo, a station ID, a funny "zapper," anything you want. When the delay period "plays out," your BD941 or BD942 switches you back "almost live" on the air with full delay protection restored. The whole operation takes just one button. What could be simpler?

Designed to broadcast specs with balanced inputs and outputs, the BD941 and BD942 deliver 5 - 20,0000 Hertz audio frequency response with true 16 bit resolution and a 44.1 kHz sampling rate. Plus negligible distortion, full stereo separation and phase integrity. In short, their superior audio performace is everything you'd expect from Eventide. So your listeners will never know the difference between live and delayed sound. With audio quality this high and a price this low, the BD941 and BD942 are perfect for DJs that take live dedications. Sonic integrity, convenient operation, effective protection - the BD941 and BD942 Broadcast Audio Delays have it all, at a price that makes talk cheaper than ever. Now that the cost of "worry-free" talk radio is so low, no station can afford to be without the reliable obscenity protection the BD941 and BD942 can provide - even if that station programs live talk only on Sunday mornings.


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