(Discontinued product - upgrades remain available)

If you already own an Ultra-Harmonizer, you can upgrade the software to add the features of the new H3000-D/SE!


The Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processors - especially the SE (Studio Enhanced) model - have become the pro industry standard. Performers, engineers, and producers have developed a unique give-and-take relationship with the H3000. These amazing boxes not only perform every routine audio processing task effortlessly, their range and depth of creative options challenges the artist to create new sounds, new music.

While we've been celebrating the worldwide success of the H3000 line, Eventide engineers have been busy making sure the H3000 stays on top. The new H3000- D/SE Ultra-Harmonizer includes every feature and function of the H3000-SE, plus some very exciting additions. All at a price that's actually lower than the previous model. With everything it's got, the H3000-D/SE is sure to continue the Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer brand tradition as the essential audio processing and effects tool that more audio professionals count on.


Our limited-edition top-of-the-line H3500 set the audio world on its ear with Mod Factory, the unique modular "algorithm construction kit" which unlocks worlds of dynamic creative potential. Now, Mod Factory comes standard in the H3000-D/SE. Unlike static effect devices, the dynamic effects available with the two Mod Factory algorithms allow the music itself to control the effect. Mod Factory algorithms include a full set of independent processing modules, from delays, filters and pitch shifters to envelopes, modulators and mixers. You patch these effects modules together in any combination. To get you started, the H3000-D/SE includes 100 Mod Factory-based presets, including BPM delays and sweeps, compression, "ducked" delays (echoes that only appear between vocal or instrumental phrases), touch-sensitive choruses, flangers and reverbs that respond instantly to audio input level. Once you get your hands on the creative options of Mod Factory, there'll be no stopping you.

For the first time ever in an H3000 unit, the D/SE includes a group of 3D speaker- based spatial imaging programs from Empirical Labs. These 3D spatial effects go way beyond other processors by actually creating desired effects in psychoacoustic space, not just by adding a third dimension to already processed sounds. Close your eyes and listen, you'll see and hear what we mean.

Want more proof that the H3000-D/SE is the choice of the professionals? Take a listen to the 100 brand new presets written for the D/SE by top industry names such as Bob Clearmountain, David Holman, Michael James, John Cuniberti, Henry Kaiser, Roey Shamir & Angela Piva of INFX Productions, Joe Franco, Andrew Schlesinger, Dave Derr and more. They're sure to trigger some unique musical notions of your own.


Here are all the features that made the H3000 Eventide's best-selling audio processor ever. Here are all the legendary effects that have contributed to making countless hits in the thousands of H3000-equipped studios.

Digital pitch shifting. Eventide invented it. And for over 20 years, Eventide has consistently advanced the state of the art in pitch shifting. The D/SE offers several different pitch change algorithms, including a true stereo, full bandwidth pitch shifter; the Multi-Shift algorithm, which offers six octave range and outstanding quality; reverse shift; layered shift; and Eventide's unique Diatonic Pitch shift programs. Just specify a key signature, scale or mode and Diatonic Pitch Shift automatically turns any note into a diatonically correct triad. The Quantize function can correct the output to the nearest even-tempered pitch, even if the source isn't perfectly in tune. An User-Defined scales let you create your own custom mapping and harmonies.

There's an amazing variety of high quality reverbs included in the H3000-D/SE. Everything from smooth spaces and subtle ambience to funky percussive gates and unique pitch-shifted reverbs included in the H3000-D/SE. Everything from smooth spaces and subtle ambience to funky percussive gates and a unique pitch-shifted reverbs. The D/SE's reverbs are lush, dense, clean and musical. Not long ago, you'de have spent several time the price of the H3000-D/SE just to get reverb of this quality. Today, many professional studios and production facilities rely on the Ultra-Harmonizer unit as their primary reverb.

The H3000-D/SE's Vocoder is the gateway to a whole other world of effects - everything from extremely realistic processing of sampled voices to an infinite menagerie of monsters, munchkins and other cartoon-like vocal effects. And when you use it on synth or lead guitar lines, you'll discover new dimensions of expression, as well as classic sounds like the now extinct "talk box." The String Modeler algorithm lets you add subtle harmonic ambience effects unlike anything else. The "strings" are designed to be used as tuned triggered or passive resonators. they also enable the D/SE to function as an additional sound source in your MIDI rack when you activate MIDI note triggering.

with all the effects power we've packed into the D/SE, this is one effects box that never gets old. Innovative algorithms like Instant Phaser, Multi-Band delays, Swept Combs, Ultra-Tap, and Digiplex make the Ultra-Harmonizer processor the one to turn to when nothing else can delivery the right effect. The H3000-D/SE has 21 algorithms, and 600 presets in all, including all the presets from the H3000-D/SX. They're "all meat, no filler."

For still more versatility, the built-in waveform function generator operates like a synthesizer's LFO. Its 19 periodic or triggered waveforms plus pink and white noise are assignable to virtually any parameter of any other H3000-D/SE program. Create endless sound effects (MIDI triggerable), add unique chorus modulations, autopans, and tremolos to your sound.

The versatile MIDI implementation allows remote operations with any MIDI controller, automation from a sequencer and full, clickless control over virtually every parameter in real time. System Exclusive data transfer capabilities are also supported. For added convenience, Soft Functions allow users to group parameters together and control them all at once from the front panel. The more you get into MIDI, the more you'll get out of the H3000-D/SE.


The outstanding algorithms, programs, and presets are just part of what has made the Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer processors the choice of professionals worldwide. The hardware design and user interface prove equally important in daily use. Many thousands of units in the studio and on the road attest to the ruggedness and reliability of the made-in-USA H3000 chassis.

The H3000-D/SE is full stereo in and out, has differential balanced +18dBm inputs and outputs with XLR-type connectors and a multi-voltage power supply. A true relay-operated line in/out switch is provided. And, of course, the audio specifications are superb.

The H3000-D/SE front panel is a model of clarity and user friendliness. A large, bright LCD readout with two lines of forty characters each. Large softkeys are dynamically labeled on the display for easy selection and setting of parameters.

The user interface of the H3000-D/SE is just about ideal. Just ask any of the tens of thousands of H3000 users. There are four ways to enter data: A full-size keypad, up/down buttons, the famous Eventide "knob," and MIDI control Dual 10-segment LED bar graphs aid in level setting.

A versatile internal sampler card is optionally available for the H3000-D/SE. This sampler, available in short (23.7 seconds mono/11.35 seconds stereo) and long (95 seconds mono/47.5 seconds stereo) sample time versions further extends the versatility of the unit, with features other samplers can't match, including independent pitch and sample time change.


If you can have only one effects processor/reverb/pitch shifter, the choice is clear - the Eventide H3000-D/SE. And for many studios, post production facilities and sound companies who can afford several units, the choice has been equally clear - they've bought multiple H3000s. With its new features and a lower price, the Eventide H3000-D/SE Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor is an even more outstanding value than its predecessor, the best-selling H3000-SE.


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