Eventide BD500 Time Delay Enhancement

Announced at NAB. 19 April 2004

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all new BD500 delay lines will be shipped with a significant enhancement at no additional charge.  The enhancement: more than double the available delay!

As factory-configured, your new BD500-100 will provide the 8 seconds of profanity delay protection this model has always had.  However now you can select up to 20 seconds of profanity delay protection.   To do so, please turn to page 13 in the Configuration chapter of the Operators Manual and  take a minute to read the example.

That's all there is to it!  All functions of the BD500 remain identical and the audio performance of your unit is not compromised in any way by extending the memory to the full 20 seconds. 

Optional 40 second delay

The total delay of the BD500 can be increased to 40 seconds.  This will appear as an option on our price list.  It will also be available as an upgrade to both 8-second and 20-second units.

Identifying BD500 units with configurable 20 second delay

Because this is now a standard feature, not an option, there is no special notation in the option designation.  Units with serial numbers starting at B-100-00632 have this feature.

Upgrading existing BD500 units to add additional delay

If you have previously purchased BD500 units and would like to upgrade them with the 40-second delay option we offer the following upgrade options. 

This page updated 22 April 2004