For Immediate Release

Orville/R "Blank Front Panel" Processor Introduced

Start with the unprecedented quality and power of the Eventide Orville(TM) Harmonizer® Brand Multichannel effects processor. Then subtract all the front panel controls, and a take a hefty discount off the price. Now you've got the Eventide Orville/R model. The blank-front-panel Orville/R is designed for use with Eventide's innovative Eve/Net remote control system. Eve/Net controllers handle any combination of standard Orville and Orville/R multichannel units, as well as Eventide's DSP7000 line of stereo effects processors, to provide as many digital and/or analog effects channels as desired. The flexible Eve/Net system is thus ideal for multi-studio and multichannel surround sound facilities.

Orville/R offers all the highly acclaimed effects capabilities of the standard Orville model, including UltraShifter(TM), the world's best pitch shifter, and reverb programs that won Studio Sound Magazine's Best Outboard Reverb award, plus hundreds of others. "With Orville, Orville/R and the Eve/Net remote control system, Eventide now offers the most flexible, most economical and highest performance multichannel effects system in the industry," commented Eventide audio sales manager Gerry Griffin.