Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer

The Eventide DSP4000 Jumpstarts The State Of The Art

Ever since the digital effects revolution began, Eventide engineering has provided the power to inspire creativity and break new ground. Now, the Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processor takes digital effects processing to a whole new level.

The DSP4000 represents a major leap in sheer processing power. It has digital as well as analog I/O, preset storage on removable memory cards, the largest LCD display and easiest to use operator controls in the industry. But most important, Eventide has rethought the entire process of how effects are created within a processor, and created a whole new kind of architecture that's years ahead of anything else. Not only can you create new sounds and effects using the widest range of factory programs available, but with the DSP4000's algorithm "building blocks" approach, you can design unique, completely customized effects that, quite literally, have never been heard before.


No other effects processor gives you as many choices as the DSP4000. Virtually every other effects processor on the market contains a limited number of fixed digital processing algorithms. In these units, all programs and user presets - no matter how many or few - are simply variations of these fixed algorithms. The DSP4000 sweeps away this old notion. Its factory programs draw on over 90 internal effects modules to create a wider variety of truly distinct programs than ever before possible. What's more, the unit's object-oriented Algorithm Construction Kit function lets users (and third-party developers) build totally new effects algorithms by linking modular effects "building blocks" which are presented on the large, graphics-based LCD screen.

To use the Algorithm Construction Kit function, you create new effects from the front panel, using the DSP4000's Patch Editor- essentially a virtual patch bay. You can choose from over 90 effects modules and connect up to 40 in one preset, in whatever combination and configuration you choose, much the way you'd use patch cables when working with a modular synthesizer. Put pitch shift after a reverb, or string together effects and put EQ on only the ones you want - you decide which blocks "talk" to which. The unit's internal digital mixing function seamlessly combines these building blocks to create a virtually unlimited number of programs (6x1025 at last count) for limitless creativity.


The unparalleled processing power of this unit is just one half of the DSP4000 equation. The other half? All the innovative ways our software designers have harnessed this power.

For starters, there's a Pitch Shifter that stands in a class by itself. The new DSP4000 features the first and only fully digital real-time pitch transposer. The DSP4000 is the only effects processor that will generate up to eight simultaneous voices of pitch shifting, or four pitch shift voices plus simultaneous stereo reverb. It features the world's first and only user-programmable multi-diatonic pitch transposer and the world's best multi-voice reverse shifter with delay. The DSP4000's pitch change capabilities include a previously unheard of eight-octave pitch shift range.

Everything you need in a reverb, from small and ambient reverb to large rooms and halls, you'll find among the DSP4000's world class digital reverb programs, including more power and flexibility of parameter control than any other reverb at any price. Unlike other high-end reverbs that provide only static, straight-ahead room simulations, the DSP4000 includes expressive, creative reverbs that musically inspire producers, engineers and artists and allow them to design their own signature reverbs.

Only the DSP4000 can build reverb presets with up to four pitch shifts, allowing a very subtle chorusing for lush vocals and string instruments. And only the DSP4000 allows for sequenced reverb segues from lead vocal to chorus and back--a powerful time saver for busy and expensive SSL and Neve rooms.

The multiple pitch shifters, combined with delays and band pass filters, have enabled Eventide to write the smoothest, prettiest, lushest Chorus programs in the universe. And these choruses can be combined with reverbs or flanges for even more versatility.

The DSP4000 also provides a mastering quality EQ and compressor, with up to 12 bands of EQ, all on the digital I/O bus. No other effects processor comes close. It lets you put compression on the equalizers and mix them with other modules. Plus, you have dynamics processing, envelope generators, both transistor and tube-simulation distortion, LFOs and more to work with... the DSP 4000's capabilities are almost endless.

As if all this wasn't enough, the DSP4000 includes practically every wonderful and classic effect Eventide has ever created, all in a single box! These include the best Phaser, Flanger, Pitch Shifter, Reverb, Delay, Diatonic Shifter, Dual Mono Shifter, Chorus and Dynamic Processor available, just to name a few.


The DSP4000 lets you use more than one program at a time; in fact several programs can run in various combinations. While some other professional processors can split their power into two using A/B Machine Mode, the DSP4000 goes well beyond that. Its enormous processing power can be split into up to dozens of virtual processing "machines."

In addition, the DSP4000's ability to run multiple programs simultaneously gives it crossfade capability where desired. A unique Effects Segue feature provides the smoothest transition between presets, with fade-in/fade-out times adjustable from instantaneous to 60 seconds. With the DSP4000, you can fade or segue gracefully from one program into another. It's the equivalent of having an entirely new category of effects from which to choose.


Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processors have long been regarded as tops in user-friendly operational control. The DSP4000 is our best yet, with an extra-large, graphical LCD screen which presents you with more information at a single glance. The DSP4000's factory programs are organized into 18 separate banks. You can scroll through the banks, which are arranged by type of effect, and through the programs within each bank by rotating the famous Eventide Knob or by using the cursor keys.

The Eventide DSP4000 is the first Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processor to feature a front-panel removable memory storage card. In addition to storing user presets in RAM, a user can create and save presets on a memory card and transport them to DSP4000s in other studios, or just save them as a safeguard against the prying eyes and ears of other users. The memory card can also be used to update one machine with information from another.


The DSP4000 provides full 24-bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O for an all-digital signal path as well as standard XLR-type analog inputs and outputs. Optimal audio quality is assured via 18-bit A/D and D/A converters and 56-bit internal processing for >96 dB dynamic range and .005% THD. With available sample rates of 32 kHz, 44.056 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz, audio bandwidth at the analog connectors is up to 22 kHz.

The DSP4000's flexible remote control interfaces include MIDI In/Out/Thru jacks and PA422 serial port data. The rear panel sports a foot pedal input and two foot switch inputs, plus two relay-closure outputs for controlling guitar amplifier channel switching. The configurable "Kill" switch can function either as a relay bypass and an electronic bypass, or as a mute on the analog input; and either as an electronic bypass, or as a mute on the digital I/O.

To protect our users' investments, Eventide has always maintained a policy of making upgrades available for units in the field. With its building block architecture, the DSP4000 is even more flexible. New effects programs will also be available from third-party suppliers. The DSP4000 is designed to accept a variety of future enhancements and upgrades (including a versatile internal sampler). And it offers all the reliability and quality the industry has come to expect from Eventide.

The Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processor advances the state of the art in unparalleled power, programmability and creative sonic potential. It's more than just a great reverb, a great pitch shifter or a great effects processor. This unit actually gives every producer, engineer and artist the extra edge to extend their creativity beyond all previous limits. One session with the DSP4000, and nothing will ever sound the same again.


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