ARGUS® Moving Map Displays   
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The Argus series of moving map displays is designed to give the pilot situational awareness unavailable with normal cockpit instruments. Traditional instruments with pointers and dials implicitly define your location with respect to navigational aids. The Argus shows you, explicitly, on a graphics CRT display, where YOU are, and where the airports, special use airspace, and navaids are. We make three monochrome and two color models. The Argus 3000 is a low cost unit designed to interface with almost any GPS or LORAN and provide a track-oriented display. The Argus 5000 and Argus 7000 are IFR certifiable and interface and display heading and ADF information as well as the navigation source. The Argus 5000CE and 7000CE add color displays and other advanced features.

Color Argus Is optionally compatible with the BFG WX500 Stormscope and the Ryan 9900BX TCAD.

Specification Comparison of Argus Models

Argus Graphic Displays

Nav System Compatibility Table

Argus Factory Repair Information

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Argus Accessories

OEM Product

EAMED - Eventide Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Display

- The Argus as an OEM development platform for YOUR instrumentation applications.
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