Important Notice - UPDATED 17 January 2012

ARGUSŪ Moving Map Displays - Product & Database Discontinuance - 20 September 2010

The Argus series of moving map display products and accessories is being discontinued on 01 January 2011.  After that date they will be removed from the Eventide price list, and official support, repair, and database updates will be on a "best-efforts" basis only.

What does this mean to you?

If you are considering an Argus purchase for a new installation, we recommend against such a purchase.

If you are a current Argus owner and need to replace the Argus or adapter in your aircraft, this would be a good time to consider replacing it with a newer product from one of the many fine manufacturers making modern avionics.

Most importantly, if you want or require database updates for your Argus or Argus/CE units, please read the following schedule carefully.  For various reasons, including the quantity of new data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create useful databases for all Argus models.  Please note that, although we hope that updates will be available through the end of 2011, we cannot assure that they will be, and it may become necessary to discontinue updates without prior notice before then. 

Database Discontinuance Schedule

01 January 2007:  Hardware database exchange discontinued for all Argus models (software versions 3.x and below).

20 September 2010:  Two-year database subscriptions no longer available, Argus hardware upgrades no longer available..

30 December 2010:  Last day to order a database subscription of any length.

03 January 2011:  Database updates will be available individually only. 

03 January 2012:  No new databases will be created.  Any updates, if available, will be of the last database created in 2011.  Depending upon the cycle dates, these databases will expire less than a full cycle after shipment, or will have already expired. 

Q & A

Q:  I currently have a two-year database subscription that expires after 03 January 2012.  Will you fulfill it?
A:  No.  You will receive a pro-rata refund for any unused portion

Q:  I currently have a one-year database subscription.  May I renew it.
A:  Yes, providing you do so on or before 30 December 2010. 

Q:  You say that "it may become necessary to discontinue updates without prior notice..."  What happens to my subscription if that occurs?
A:  You will receive a pro-rata refund for any unused portion.

Service On A Best-Efforts Basis, UPDATED 17 January 2012

The Argus has proved to be a very reliable unit, and many units that are literally decades old have never required service beyond routine battery replacement.  Due to the age of the product, some parts are getting difficult to obtain, and if an unobtainable part in your Argus fails, we may be unable to repair it.  In addition, due to the expenses of maintaining an FAA-approved Repair Station, we may in the future be forced to discontinue all repair operations.  The schedule for discontinuing service is as follows:

30 December 2010 - Although our repair policies will remain in force temporarily, any repairs received after this date are subject to the vicissitudes of scheduling and vagaries of parts supply.  We may discontinue or change the price or availability of parts and service without notice.  We will do our best to maintain supplies of replacement lithium batteries (the only consumable) but this cannot be guaranteed.  Telephone support will not be available and only email inquiries can be accepted.

17 January 2012 - We are discontinuing repair services  for the Argus effective 31 January 2012.  Any units received before this date will be repaired as expeditiously as possible in accordance with the above paragraph.  In the unlikely event that a unit cannot be repaired promptly, it may be necessary to return it unrepaired.

01 February 2012 - Units arriving at Eventide on or after this date will be returned to the sender at his expense with no work performed.

New Information - 17 January 2012

Unfinished Business

A very few customers who signed up for 2-year database subscriptions in 2010 have one or more updates remaining on their subscriptions.  We are contacting those customers and issuing pro-rata refunds on any remaining but unfulfilled updates.  If you believe you have a refund due and haven't received it by the end of February 2012, please get in touch with your subscription contact.

Argus 5000/7000 Battery Replacement

The only consumable and on-condition maintenance item for these two products is a small, custom, lithium-ion battery that must be replaced every two to four years.  Although we will no longer replace these batteries ourselves, we will attempt to maintain their availability as long as practical.  Please note that they must be installed by an approved facility with appropriate maintenance documentation.  As a convenience to shops who do not have the Argus maintenance manual available, here is the approved section on battery replacement.  You or the facility can purchase a battery.