Argus Drawings and Documents

Here, as a convenience (for you and for us!) are a few of the drawings and documents that are most frequently requested. Most of these are included in the relevant manual but sometimes they are needed before installation or after the manual has been lost.


Argus 5000 STC page 1, Page 2
Argus 7000CE STC
Argus 5000/CE STC Page 1, Page 2 
Argus Altitude Adapter PMA
Air Agency Certificate ME1R319K  Page 1, Page 2 and 3


These are not "official" drawings and do not replace or amend those supplied in the manuals. Even so, they should be useful.

Argus 7000 front panel cutout.
Argus 3000/5000
front panel cutout.
Altitude Encoder Interconnect Diagram

TCAD Supplement

Ryan TCAD display supplement

Argus Display and Adapter Manuals

If the document you need is not listed here, e.g., installation drawings and instruction manuals, it probably doesn't exist in web format and you will have to purchase the appropriate manual.  Wiring diagrams are included in the installation manuals.  The easiest way to purchase a manual is from the Eventide Store.