Update 17 January 2012:  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Argus Moving Map Repair Information - Good through 31 January 2012

This page explains how to get a defective Argus moving map or other Eventide Avionics hardware product repaired.  Of course, this presupposes that the unit is actually defective, which it often isn't even when it appears to be.  The procedure, in general, is as follows:

Is the Eventide product defective?

The Argus is not a standalone product.  It must be connected to the products of other manufacturers and installed in an aircraft by yet another party.  And when the system finally works, it is subjected to environmental insults that can cause problems that appear to be instrument malfunctions.  If there appears to be something wrong:

In cases not covered above, feel free to correspond with us and we will help determine whether the Argus needs repair.  Use the "argus-ut" address for email.

IMPORTANT! - Service will be terminated as of 31 January 2012.  Please see this notice.  Units received after 31 January will be returned without repair.

Does the Argus need to be returned to Eventide?

We have a maintenance manual available to qualified avionics facilities that state what can and cannot be repaired by them.  In general, it covers:

It does NOT cover component level repair and replacement.  If something goes wrong on the CPU board or in the high voltage circuitry, it must be repaired by Eventide.  In cases where a shop (or the owner) can handle the problem, it is your option as to what to do.  The advantage of sending it to Eventide is, obviously, that we are fully equipped to handle all issues with the Argus.  One disadvantage is that, by FAA mandate, we are required to do a full QC procedure on each unit before it leaves here.  This procedure adds to the repair cost and can occasionally unearth a "problem" of which you are unaware that nonetheless must be repaired before we can release the unit.

Repair policies, charges, and obtaining an RMA (but be sure to read this FIRST.)

There are a number of services that may involve returning your Argus to Eventide that are not, strictly speaking, repairs.  They incur a fixed charge, which you can read about here.

There are "standard" repairs which generally require opening the unit, finding and replacing an inexpensive defective component or fixing some other problem, adjusting the unit, putting it through the QC process, and shipping it back.  We have a "flat rate" for this type of service - it is $280 + parts.

There are "major" repairs, which are anything that require a significant amount of time or the replacement of expensive components, board swaps, CRT or shutter replacement, or (usually) high voltage problems.  These repairs are normally $460 + parts, as they involve a full QC run (temperature and altitude testing).  Exceptional repairs (for physical damage, for example) can cost even more.

We do not, in general, provide "repair estimates."  In many cases it is impossible to determine the cost of repair without actually doing it.  If you have special requirements with respect to knowing repair costs in advance, tell us and we will accommodate you if possible.

Our turnaround time for known services - battery replacement and the like - is typically a week.  For normal repairs, 2-3 weeks.  If you are complaining of an "intermittent" problem, it sometimes takes a lot longer, and sometimes we can't duplicate the problem at all.

We warranty repairs for 90 days, in the sense that if something we've done or a component that we've replaced goes defective within 90 days, we will re-fix or re-replace that component as necessary.  This does not mean that the unit itself has any further or additional warranty.

We recommend updating your database.  If it is not current, and especially if it is ancient, we suggest that you request an update.  There is no additional labor charge (beyond the repair charge) for doing this, just the charge for the database itself.  Important!  Hardware exchange for databases was discontinued at the end of 2006.  Please read this notice.

Consider updating your "operating system."  If your Argus software version is 1.x or 2.x, we recommend an update to version 3 at modest expense, or to version 5.x (enhanced) at greater expense.  A major advantage of 5.x is that it allows internet downloads of database updates, which will ultimately save you money and prolong the life of your Argus.  Read about the OS versions here and specifications here.

Use email rather than calling us on the telephone.  You will get faster and more efficient service, and save your time and ours.  The correct address at Eventide is "argus-ut".

To obtain an RMA, email us with the following info:

We will email the RMA number to you. 

Shipping your unit to Eventide (but be sure to read this FIRST)

Eventide avionics products are small and light and easy to pack correctly.  Use a large enough box to provide cushioning around all sides of the unit.  Don't use wadded newspaper - be creative and a little thoughtful.  For small packages, the charge is by weight, not by size, and it will cost you nothing to do it right.  On the other hand, if you do a poor job and the unit is damaged, the shipping company (UPS or whomever) will look at the packing material and emit an expressive yet indifferent shrug as if to say "tough darts."  (10 points if you can guess what summer camp I went to from that expression.)  Anyway, you get the point.  If the unit does make it in unscathed in what we feel is skimpy or inadequate packaging we will substitute appropriate packaging and charge for same.

Make a printed COPY of the email we sent you that contained the RMA number and all of the information you supplied to us.  At this time please append (legibly) your credit card information (brand, number, date of expiry), and put it in an envelope in the sturdy, correctly-sized box you have selected to pack your unit. 

Take your well- and carefully-packed, precious Argus unit and ship it to:

Eventide Inc., Att:  Avionics Repairs
RMA #  NNNNNN  (where you substitute your RMA number for the Ns)
1 Alsan Way
Little Ferry NJ  07643
United States of America

If everything is done correctly, we will receive the package:

Needless to say, if any of the above is problematic, further communication will be necessary, and this will delay the return of your unit.

This page created 16 March 2005
Updated 17 Jan 2012