Database, Upgrade, and Battery Price List

January 2006:  Please read this important notice regarding database availability!

DOMESTIC USA          
Single update $100 All board  Only 
Twice per year*** $150 exchanges  Available
Continuous (per year) (13 per two years)*** $250 December 2006 UPGRADE
Single update $115
Twice per year*** $175
6 per year*** $295
13 per year*** $600
Continuous (per year)*** $570
INTERNATIONAL (East, West, or World)       (E or W only)  
Single update*** $150
Twice per year*** $225
6 per year*** $495
13 per year*** $995
Continuous (per year)*** $945

* Exchange price only.  Cards and boards must be returned. 
** Argus 3000 requires chip exchange by qualified service facility, old chips must be returned.
*** If you cancel a subscription or multiple database order, the refund (if any) will be calculated based on the number of databases delivered at the individual price.

Prices current as of 01 December 2007
All prices subject to change without notice or obligation

If you choose the Internet update and do not have the Argus Data Transfer Cable, you will need to order one! 

Part Number 264082 Argus Data Transfer Cable  $25.00 (Purchase)

Upgrade to "Enhanced" Software 

We offer a number of upgrades, including major ones such as converting early Argus units to version 5.x software, and converting an Argus 3000 to an Argus 5000.  This type of upgrade usually involves substantial hardware changes as well as software upgrades, and the price will vary depending on your unit version and serial number.  If you need an exact quote, please email us with the details of your unit (S/N, software, and database version) and what you would like.  Common upgrade:

Upgrade Argus 5000 version 1.xx to 5.xx $1595.
Upgrade Argus 5000 or 7000 version greater than 1.xx to 5.xx  Less- depends on S/N

Adapter Software Price Info

Eventide Adapters (RMI, Weather Display, ARINC) use programmed ROMs.  Upgrade price for these components is $100 plus shipping.

Replacement Battery Price Info

Part Number 427012 Lithium Battery Assembly, Argus Monochrome units $59.95 (Purchase)
Part Number 202114 Battery/"Time Can" assembly, Argus CE (Color) units $59.95

Above price does NOT include shipping.  The monochrome battery must be replaced by an authorized facility or by Eventide.  The CE battery must be replaced by Eventide.

Factory Labor and Shipping

If you return your Argus to Eventide for battery replacement and/or database exchange ONLY, there is a fixed charge of $90 in addition to the cost of the battery and/or database.  This only applies to units received from and shipped to the continental United States, and only if the Argus requires no addition work (repairs, etc.)

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, other countries, and shipment by other than UPS Ground will incur additional charges.

Charges must be prepaid.  We accept major credit cards.

This page updated 20 December 2007