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01 JANUARY 2007

In accordance with the information below, we are no longer supplying any physical media for database updates, and they can only be accomplished by internet download.  If your Argus cannot accept electronic updates, it can be upgraded to do so.  Please read the balance of this document.


Argus Database End of Life Notice - 01 January 2006

We introduced the Argus 5000 moving map display in 1987, and the Argus 3000 and Argus 7000 shortly thereafter.  At the time, there was no Internet, there was no "Flash" PROM, and there was no such thing as "downloading data."  Our solution to updating the Argus graphical database was to incorporate a user-exchangeable EPROM board, and to ship boards to our subscribers periodically.  We have continued to do this for almost two decades.

With the widespread use of the internet and the ability of later-manufactured Argus units to accept downloaded data, subscriptions to the hardware database updates have decreased, and component and equipment obsolescence has made providing even those more difficult.  Therefore, we have decided to discontinue both providing hardware exchange databases and shipping physical data media, and the year 2006 will be the last opportunity to obtain them.  Insofar as the Argus CE (color) and "enhanced" (5.x software) monochrome units are concerned, this announcement only affects your ability to receive physical data media, and no upgrade will be required.

Don't Panic! 

Your beloved Argus can continue to be useful as well as legal for IFR.  However, it will be necessary to purchase an upgrade for your Argus.  This upgrade will bring your monochrome Argus to version 5.x, with the "Enhanced" specifications.  A critical advantage of this upgrade is that your database can be downloaded from our web site, and no shipping or return shipping is required.  In addition to the advanced features of the 5.x software, it has been our policy to charge about half as much for the downloadable database as for the exchange card.  Our overseas customers have paid even more for the hardware database due to shipping charges.  The sooner you upgrade, the sooner you can take advantage of the decreased database expense.

But DO Act

The December 2006 database is the last one that will be available in hardware form.  If you do not upgrade your Argus by then, we will not be able to offer database currency required for IFR or other purposes.  And if you wait 'til the last minute, we may not be able to offer a prompt upgrade, with similar consequences.  Here are the facts:

The price of the upgrade varies depending on the software version and serial number of your Argus.  

The upgrade includes a current database and new battery, as well as return ground shipping in the USA.  When we receive your Argus, it must be fully functional (except for the battery).  If it needs repair, there will be an additional charge.  All prices are subject to change without notice.  International prices will be somewhat higher.

If you are a current database subscriber:

If you own an Argus but do not want to upgrade or subscribe to future databases, we can still offer the one-time updates that we currently do, but the last database cycle for this service will be December 2006, and this database will not be available after the end of 2006


It is to your advantage to evaluate this notice and make your decision as promptly as you can.  Remember: databases we send you after you upgrade will be half the price!  If you decide to upgrade, please email us your Argus serial number and current software version, along with your shipping information.  We will then schedule your upgrade.  Because of anticipated demand, we may not be able to perform it immediately, and earlier inquiries will get priority.

As of MAY 2006 approximately 3 WEEKS are required to receive, update, and return an Argus.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.  Although this upgrade is necessary to achieve internet downloads, you will get additional useful and neat features as well.

This page created 05 January 2006
This page updated 28 February 2007