Eventide Contact Information

Corporate offices:
Eventide Inc.
1 Alsan Way
Little Ferry NJ  07643
United States of America

To prevent spammers from harvesting our addresses, we refer to them just by the first portion, e.g., "audio."  To send an email, please add the "@eventide.com" in each case.  Email is faster and more convenient than using the telephone.  We strongly encourage email for tech support, and essentially all other business.  If you telephone, you (and we) typically waste time in "phone tag" and other inefficient activities.  PLEASE try to use email when communicating with us, and be sure you use a "Subject" line indicating what product or issue you are writing about so we can distinguish your email from the spam!

A "general" email address you can use is "info-ut".

Voice telephone number:
201-641-1200 (but see above for email)

Fax number:
201-641-1640 (but see above for email)

Calling on the Telephone during business hours? 
Save a few moments on the voicemail!

Audio & Broadcast Division: Press 4 >>
Sales: Press 1
Product Literature: Press 2
Email:  Please use "audio" 
Technical and Sales Support and Return Authorizations: Press 3
Accounts Receivable and Administration: Press 4
Avionics: Press 5 >>
Email:  Please use "argus-ut"
Orders, Pricing, Availability, Tech Support: Press 1
Email:  Please use "argus-ut"
Database, Battery, and Manual Sales, and Return Authorization Numbers:  Press 2
Product Literature:  Press 4
Communications Division: Press 6 >>
Sales: Press 1 or use info form or proposal form
Email:  Please use "loggers"
Technical Support: Press 2
Accounts Receivable: Press 3
Purchasing and Production Press 7
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and  Administration Press 8
Facilities and Maintenance Press 9
Dial by Name Press 1

Trying to reach someone after hours or on weekends?  
is recommended and is checked frequently.  In fact, email is recommended for all communication.  With email, you'll never hear "I'm sorry but I'm not at my desk right now."

Updated 07 May 2005