Argus 5000/7000 Software Version Information

The software version in your Argus can be determined by turning on power and looking at the screen after selftest completes.  Any monochrome Argus 5000/7000 can be upgraded to the latest monochrome version, although costs will vary.  Likewise, any color Argus can be upgraded to the latest version.  Units with software version 5.x or greater can be upgraded electronically via data upload.  Previous versions will require a trip to your shop or to the factory.   Argus 3000 units can only be upgraded to version 4.x.

Color Argus

18 December 1996-16 April 1997: Current software version is 5.00
17 April 1997-15 October 1997:  Current software version is 5.02
16 October 1997-18 January 1997:  Current software version is 5.03
19 January 1998:  Current software version is 5.04
20 April 1998:  Current software version is 5.05.
29 July 1998: Current software version is 5.06. (Note: versions 5.07 and 5.08 were for a specific application and not released for general use.)

Color and Monochrome Enhanced Argus

28 Jul 2001:  Current software version is 5.0A

Major software differences between 5.00 and 5.01:

Major software differences between 5.01 and 5.02:

Major software differences between 5.02 and 5.03:

Major software differences between 5.03 and 5.04:

Major software differences between 5.04 and 5.05:

Major software differences between 5.05 and 5.06

Major software differences between 5.06 and 5.09

Major software differences between 5.09 and 5.0A


With one exception, all the above changes are of minor import and we do not necessarily recommend loading new software. However, IF YOU ARE USING THE RMI ADAPTOR WITH THE COLOR ARGUS AND DON'T HAVE AT LEAST VERSION 5.02, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND UPDATING YOUR SOFTWARE TO THE LATEST VERSION IMMEDIATELY.

There is no charge for obtaining the 5.0A operating system software upgrade. However, an authorization code is required to download the software and install it in your Argus.

Monochrome Argus

Each version is identified by a major number before the decimal point and minor numbers after the decimal point.  Generally, minor number increments represent insignificant or unnoticeable changes in operation, and/or the addition of "parsing" routines for newly-introduced GPS and Loran navigation receivers.  Below are differences in the major revision numbers:

1.x:   Original release.  Any upgrades must be performed at factory.

2.x    Upgrade to version 3 may be accomplished in the field, upgrade to version 5 must be performed at the factory.

3.x    Upgrade to version 5 must be performed at factory. 4.0x    Flight Planning option.  Upgrade to version 5 must be performed at factory. 4.1x    Flight PlanPlus option.  Upgrade to version 5 must be performed at factory. 5.x    Addition of many features of the color Argus (except color, of course.)

Monochrome Upgrade Information

If you wish to upgrade your Argus operating system, you can upgrade only to either the latest version 3 or the latest version 5 software.  (Argus 3000 units can be upgraded to version 4.x only.)  Upgrading from version 1 software requires some hardware modifications.  Upgrading to version 5 from any previous version requires a different database board and may require a new CPU board and other hardware modifications.  Call or email Eventide with your unit serial number and software version for more information. If you have version 5.x, upgrading to a later 5.x version is accomplished in the same manner as upgrading the Color Argus.

Software Version 5.2x

Software version 5.2x allows the Argus (monochrome and color) to communicate with and display data from the Ryan TCADTM and the BFGoodrich StormscopeTM.  This is optional software available from Eventide only by factory installation.  We cannot provide 5.2x software as a field upgrade to 5.x, although upgrades from earlier to later versions of 5.2x is permitted by special arrangement and software download.  If you already have 5.2x software below 5.24, there is an extra charge for version 5.24 and it is available only for the color (CE) Argus units.  This is the "Dual Adapter software."

5.21 Fixed the following problems in 5.20

The handling of serial data from the LORAN/GPS and from the adapters or other data sources was re-worked to eliminate data errors. These errors could cause the map display or secondary display of data from an adapter or other device (such as a Ryan TCAD(tm) or BFGoodrich Stormscope(tm)) to blank out momentarily.

5.22 Fixed the following problem 

5.23 Enhanced operation with the Ryan TCAD as follows

5.24 Dual Adapter software

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