Dual Adapter Software

This optional software allows the Argus to be used with two different data sources, e.g., one can switch between a TCAD display and a WX display.  The standard Argus models have two data input ports.  One is required for the GPS or other navigation source.  The second has always been available for an additional input, and has been used with our adapters or other company's products to display additional information.  Selecting the additional source of information has previously been determined at installation. 

This new software allows two external sources of information to be supplied to the Argus.  Since only one can be displayed at a time, a switch allows the pilot to select which one he would like to view.   Compatible sources currently include:

BFG Weather displays, including WX10, WX11, WX1000/E using an Eventide adapter
BFG WX500 Weather display, no adapter needed, but special software required
RMI data using an Eventide adapter
Ryan TCAD, no adapter needed, but special software required

Software compatibility/requirements:

Installation Color Argus (CE) Monochrome Argus
Internet Must have version 5.21 or greater Not yet available*
Factory Must have version 5.0 or greater Not yet available*

All CE units already have at least version 5.0.  

*We do not have a date for monochrome availability.  This page will be updated when we do.

For additional information:

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This page created 05 February 2002