Eventide Releases Dual Adapter Software For Its Argus CE Series.

LITTLE FERRY, NJ - February 04, 2002 - Eventide Inc., a leading manufacturer of avionics instruments, announced today the release of new dual-display adapter software for its ArgusŪ series of moving maps.  Eventide developed the product based on the feedback of Argus users who wanted more flexibility in viewing external data sources.  Eventide's head of Avionics, Marty Balk , explains:  "Operators suggested that the instruments should support two external displays that are selectable on the fly instead of being fixed at installation.  We felt it was an obvious next step for the product."

Now with the flip of a switch Argus operators can toggle between BFG Weather displays, including WX10, WX11, WX1000/E, and WX500; RMI data; and Ryan TCAD.  The standard Argus models have two data inputs. One is required for the GPS or other navigation source while the other has always been available for an additional input.  Selection of the additional data source previously had been determined at installation.  This new software gives pilots the freedom to view a selection of data sources instead of just one fixed at the time of installation.

Argus moving map displays give pilots situational awareness unavailable with normal cockpit instruments. Traditional instruments with pointers and dials implicitly define location with respect to navigational aids. The Argus explicitly shows on a graphics CRT display, your location as well as the location of the airports, special use airspace, and navaids.

The Argus, available in both color and monochrome, offers superb clarity and visibility.  The preeminent model, the Argus CE, features a color display.  Using liquid crystal shutter technology, these units have a color CRT display which is every bit as sharp as the monochrome (green CRT) Argus models.  The optional dual-adapter upgrade allows external functions to share in the crisp, high contrast display provided by the CE series, making the instrument the most capable in its field.

The software is available for both color and monochrome Argus series.  Installation may be done over the Internet (www.Eventide.com) for software versions 5.2 or greater.  Upgrades are available for older Argus units as well.

Eventide is the originator of moving map displays for general aviation, and a leader in digital electronics devices for avionics, broadcast, and public safety applications.

For more information please call 800.446.7878 ext. 241.