Argus Bench Check

One of the most common problems encountered with the Argus is a really simple one:  The Argus won't turn on.  Or, if it does turn on, it will sometimes turn off, recycle, or "reboot" in the air.  As seemingly simple as this is, there are a number of possible causes for it.

Possible causes of INOP Argus in aircraft:

Obviously, we are not in position to help you with any but the first.  The easiest, and perhaps the only way to determine that the Argus is at fault is to remove it from the aircraft and power it up on the bench.  Here's how:

Connect the cable to the Argus and turn on the power.  An Argus CE model should power up with no action on your part.  A monochrome Argus has a Push/ON Pull/OFF switch.  If you confirm that there is power at the appropriate pins and the Argus doesn't turn on, the Argus is at fault.  Otherwise, look to the aircraft.  If an intermittent problem is suspected, let the Argus run long enough to get hot and confirm that it continues to run (or that it doesn't).

Special check for "LRN DATA LOST"

If you are receiving this message on the screen, it inevitably has one of the causes listed here.  If you want to confirm that the Argus input is functioning correctly, connect an RS-232 signal to the Argus:

Send some data - any data - and confirm that the LOST message changes to an INVALID message.  If it doesn't, it means that the Argus input circuit is defective.  Note: this almost never is the problem!

This page created 16 May 2005

Updated 19 January 2006