This page is for installers and avionics maintenance shops, and for owners with a technical bent. It attempts to answer questions that our technical service staff receives on a regular basis. It will be continually "under construction." Who knows, perhaps you'll see your own question here!

Q: I'm getting bearing and distance to a waypoint in the upper navigation window, but there is NO MAP DISPLAY on the Argus in ENRoute or DEParture mode.
A: Welcome to the most frequently encountered problem and most frequently asked question. In all liklihood, this is the answer: The Argus map is oriented so that the top of the screen represents the direction in which the airplane is going. It is possible to connect the Argus 5000 or 7000 to the aircraft heading system so that the Argus knows which way the aircraft is pointing (compass angle), but you may not have done this, you may not have it set up correctly, or you may be using an Argus 3000 in which this connection cannot be made. In any of these cases, you will not see a map because the aircraft is NOT MOVING. The map cannot be oriented if the direction of travel (or at least which way the nose is pointing) cannot be determined. If the map cannot be oriented, it won't be displayed.

Q: Can the Argus be used to display user-defined data?
A: Argus with software version 4.1 has the capability of accepting RS-232 data from an external source and displaying it on the screen when the map is not available. This capability is used by Shadin with one of their fuel-flow instruments, and may be used with other products as well. Details are available.

Q:  I just installed a turn coordinator next to the Argus, and the Argus display has gone "wavy."
A:  Some instruments - turn indicators, some weather displays, and instruments with electric motors can have a significant magnetic field that is strong enough outside their own enclosure to affect the Argus display, which uses a CRT.  Although the Argus already has magnetic shielding inside, under circumstances such as the above, it must be supplemented by an additional shield.  Wrapping a piece of MuMetal (Conetic) shielding around either the Argus or the instrument generating the field is normally sufficient to clear up the problem.  If you need to order the proper shielding, we sell individual pieces of the right size under our part number 324083.  The price is $50.00 + shipping.

Q: You have just announced a color model. Will it be compatible with the monochrome unit as far as installation is concerned?
A: We have done our best to keep the units compatible. The new unit has extra features and requires an additional connector to access some of them. In particular, if you have installed the REMOTE/ADF switch, using the new connector allows you to remove this switch and use the remote switches and the ADF at the same time. The new connector also has pins for the CDI drive. The physical sizes of the respective units are identical, and it is actually possible, in most cases, to plug a CE unit into a 5000/7000 installation and have it work identically. If the installation uses any of our adapters, they must be mounted remotely if the second connector is to be used.

Power requirements are identical, and interface specifications to the heading system and ADF are as well.

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