New 20 September 2010:  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT


Using liquid crystal shutter technology, these units have a color CRT display which is every bit as sharp as the monochrome (green CRT) Argus models. The color capability provides even further contrast, allowing important features to be instantly distinguished and recognized, even when the display is unusually "cluttered."

In addition to the color display, many user-requested features have been added:

  • Rotary data entry knob for convenience in entering waypoints and flightplans.
  • Flight "recorder" shows where you've been (or haven't been).
  • Airspace Fixes, Airways and Intersections are now in the standard database.
  • Flightplanning feature is standard.
  • Database can be updated with PC (or Mac) at lower cost.
  • When VFR, Class B and C airspace can be qualified by altitude.
  • Interface to WX500 Stormscope optionally available, no adapter required!

The popular and less expensive monochrome Argus 3000, 5000, and 7000 models remain available. Please consult your avionics dealer or Eventide for pricing on the various models.

The miniature graphics below can be clicked to show legible "screen dumps" from the CE models. The full screen will appear larger on your computer monitor because the resolution of the Argus screen (pixel size) is much finer than that of the typical monitor. Actual size of the Argus sceen is 1.72" wide by 2.28" high for the Argus 5000 and 5000CE, 2.25" wide by 3" high for the Argus 7000 and Argus 7000CE.

Map and altitude-dependent airspace demo

Following a flight plan (yellow) with TEB and several intersections shown in green.

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When VFR, you can allow the Argus to use altitude information to depict Class B and Class C rings as RED (keep out) or GREEN (confirm altitude and ignore).
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Heading for EWR at about 2000 feet.
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Heading for EWR at low altitude. Note inner Class B ring is red, others are green because you're below them.
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ARRival mode as you approach EWR. (10 nm range)
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ARRival mode as you approach EWR (5nm range).
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Airways Included!

Airways are standard in the database. You can show ALL airways, or only selected Victor and Jet airways.

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Position Tracking

A valuable training and safety feature: The "Flight Recorder" makes a record of your GPS-determined position every 2, 5 or 10 seconds, and can reproduce it on the screen. With 10-seconds per data point, about 10 hours of flight data can be retained.

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With "Flight Recorder" activated, the aircraft leaves a trail of "x"s behind it as it maneuvers.
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Argus time is now kept in UTC (GMT or Zulu time). You can compensate for your local time zone or Daylight Savings Time if you wish. When the time is set, the Argus shows you your time TO your next waypoint, or, if desired, the clock time you will be AT your waypoint.
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Convenient Database Update

You can update your database without removing the Argus from the panel. Data can be uploaded from an ordinary PC (or Mac). There is also the option of subscribing to (and returning) a PCMCIA database card which quickly updates the onboard memory. If you choose the PC update feature, the cost of updates is drastically reduced!

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Take-home DEMO Mode

A comprehensive DEMO mode allows you to "fly" to waypoints or follow flight plans without being connected to a navigation source. All Argus controls, modes, and ranges are usable. You can take the Argus home and learn its many features at your convenience.

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Selectable Colors

Although we don't recommend changing them, you can select whatever colors you desire for the map features. (This feature is only accessible in SETUP mode.)

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Thank you for your patience! We have been working on this product for a long time and are delighted that customer shipments have finally begun!

Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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