These files are available for downloading. All files are of type "EXE." Store them in a DOS directory and uncompress them. Note: The files MUST be uncompressed before use. You CANNOT load these files into the Argus as-is! (More info) Then follow the instructions for transferring them to the Argus. The first set of files is for DATABASE updates. These are the files for which you receive your subscription authorization codes, and you must use the file corresponding to the suffix on your USER ID.

IMPORTANT NOTE - 01 August 2003 - Please read this information

USERID DATABASE File Description Bytes compressed Bytes Expanded Effective Date Expiration Date
-Dom Argus -15 (USA Domestic) database

All databases have expired
 and are no longer available.  In accordance with this
, no new ones will be created.

-Int Argus -29 (International) database See Note Below
-Na Argus -26 (North American) database
Argus -27 (Western Hemisphere) database
Argus -28 (Eastern Hemisphere) database

Note:  It has been necessary to increase the minimum runway length from 5200 feet to 5600 feet to permit the --29 International database to fit in the Argus memory for the cycle beginning 25 August 2011.  It may be necessary to select the -27 or -28 database if you intend to use airports with runways under 5600 feet.

The set of files below is for updating the Argus software, NOT the database. Your authorization code will not work with these files-one must be obtained separately.

Operating System File Description Bytes compressed Bytes Expanded Effective Date Expiration Date
Argus 7000C/E version 5.09 operating system


Argus 5000C/E version 5.09 operating system
Argus 7000 (monochrome) version 5.0A operating system
Argus 5000 (monochrome) version 5.0A operating system

NOTE:These files were updated on 13 December 2011 for the new domestic database, and 13 December 2011 for the new databases with international components. If the Argus fails to load the database, you are using a password from the previous database cycle. If you wish to use the new file, you must contact Eventide for a new password.


New Operating System software has been released to allow the Argus to display information either from the BFG WX-500 Stormscope or from the Ryan TCAD. By FAA requirement, this software must be installed at Eventide and therefore will not appear on this web site. Please email Eventide for information on installing this software. If you already have this software, version 5.20, there is an update available, version 5.21. This resolves a problem that could cause a momentary blanking of data. If you have been experiencing this problem, please contact us to arrange for an update.

Operating System Downloads

While it is possible to obtain the OS files over the internet without an additional authorization code, you cannot upload them into the Argus unless you obtain a specific code for the operating system version desired. If you want to perform a software upgrade in addition to the database update, please email Eventide for an authorization code. Unless you are using an RMI or ARINC adaptor, or are specifically affected by the changed items, the differences among software versions are minor, and we do NOT recommend that you upgrade unless you are affected by the changes.

There is a link to the change information on the transfer instruction page.

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