The NEW standard for high-end stereo effects processing...With Sampling!

The Eventide DSP7500 Harmonizer brand effects processor

Introducing the DSP7500 - A long-standing Eventide tradition is our "500" model series. The "500" models offer all the standard Ultra-Harmonizer processor features, and then some, and are priced to be exceptional values. The new DSP7500 Stereo Ultra-Harmonizer Effects Processor upholds that tradition beautifully. It's a DSP7000 to-the-max, featuring several hundred additional presets especially useful in post-production and broadcast applications, plus a 174 second (mono), 87 second (stereo) sampler with special presets which make it one of the most versatile samplers you've ever used. From superb time compression and expansion to auto-replacement of snare and kick drum tracks, you'll never run out of ways to use the capabilities of the DSP7500 processor.

Preset list (including Jay Rose brodcast presets!) (pdf)
Manuals (pdf and hardcopy)
Important update info for owners
Special programming information

PC based Graphical Preset Design Editor. (Version 1.53 or greater required for DSP7000 series.)
Harmonizer Technical Notes

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This page created 15 November 2000
This page updated 25 July 2001