Important Information for Orville and DSP7000 series Owners!

Current operating system version is V3.002. If you do not have this version it is especially important to read this page!

Have you filled out your warranty form?  Is your email address legible?  If the answer to either question is "No" then you are missing important information!  The latest version of the Orville/DSP7000 series operating system and preset build is available on the internet.  If you have not heard from us, it means we haven't been able to email the information to you.

IF you haven't filled out your warranty form, please do so today.  Please make sure your email address is legible-block print in capitals is best.

IF you have filled out your warranty form, but your handwriting is as bad as mine, or your email address has changed, fill out this form and email it to us.  We'll then send you the information you need for this important service (please allow a day or so for response).

Special message to purchasers of used Eventide equipment

We are keen to give all owners of Eventide products the best support we can, so please be sure to register your Harmonizer brand effects processor.  If you do not have the original warranty form, send us an email with the details as above, and you will be able to bring your system to the latest software specifications.