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Vsigfile - a PC-based Graphical Preset Design Editor for the H8000 family, ORVILLE, DSP7000 family and DSP4000 family of signal processors.  (Eclipse and stompboxes are not supported.)

A typical VSIGfile display:

Each block represents a DSP process.  Inputs and outputs are connected by mouse actions.

VSigfile is a Visual Editor for producing user presets for the Eventide ORVILLE and DSP7000/4000 family. It enables processing modules to be added and connected by simple mouse actions, allowing simple and complex audio effects (algorithms) to be designed on screen. Further information can be found in the User Manual (see below).  Vsigfile is the main tool we use here at Eventide to create the useful (and sometimes exotic) presets in our Signal Processors.  We have no monopoly on creativity!  We present this tool, free of charge, to our user community in the hope that it will allow you to give free reign to your sonic imagination.  If you have been using Vsigfile for some time, you will be pleased to note that this version has many small features and enhancements and the ever-popular Bug Fixes.  Here are the Release notes for the most recent version.

System Requirements to run Vsigfile:

PC-compatible running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or NT4.0.  It requires about 5-20MB of free memory. For MAC support, see below.

A Windows-supported MIDI interface (typically Creative Technology "Soundblaster") will be needed to communicate with the 4000. MIDI or an RS-232 serial port can communicate with Orville, DSP7000/8000 series.

Software Requirements to run Vsigfile:

NEW 31 October 2007: The latest Vsigfile is Version which is compatible with all versions the H8000 versions as well as earlier Harmonizer versions.  These release notes describe recent improvements.  Download this self-extracting archive into its own directory.  "Run" the archive to extract the files and create the directory structure.  Click on the VSIGFILE icon to run the program.

Older Versions

If you experience difficulty with the beta version that is recommended for all users, you can download this self-extracting archive for the H8000 and H8000A, H8000FW and H7600 and Download this self extracting archive for previous products.


Running Vsigfile requires a database to be loaded from your H8000/Orville/7000 series unit before you can create programs.  However, if you'd like to try the program without having a unit, databases are provided below.  The correct one should be saved to the same directory as the VSIG executable and with the same name (SIGDBASE.SBS or .SBF) as it is loaded from this page.
H8000 V5.2 Orville V3.000 DSP7000 V3.000 DSP7500 V3.000 DSP7600 V5.11

Vsigfile documentation and supplementary material (all PDF files):

Vsigfile Version 2.0 User Manual (This is semi-obsolete.  The HELP file will be more useful)
Orville/DSP7000 Programming manual

Omnipressor preset for the Orville article

Vsigfile support:

Vsigfile is currently available free of charge. Factory support is offered by e-mail only ( to no assistance can be offered for Windows or MIDI configuration problems which should be referred to the appropriate hardware or software vendor. A number of users have successfully run Vsigfile on a Mac with Windows emulation, but we cannot offer support for this configuration.

Mac Support

Thanks to Allan L. Hoeltje who has ported Vsigfile to MAC OSX 10.3 or greater.  It can be found on his website.

Eventide Internet User Group:

A valuable resource is the Eventide Helps discussion group run by our associate Italo De Angelis.

***This is version, not QUITE 2.5.  We will upgrade to 2.5 as soon as we are confident this version is sufficiently bug-free.  YOU CAN HELP - please report any problems you find, along with a copy!

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