Italo De Angelis to Manage Expanded Eventide Customer Application Support

October 20, 2001 Little Ferry NJ.  Eventide Inc. is pleased to announce a broad expansion of its online support for the Eventide Harmonizer® brand effects processor line.

Moderated by well-known Eventide effects processor "guru" Italo De Angelis, the new support group is a great resource for factory information and customer support focusing on current Eventide models, Orville(TM), Eclipse(TM), DSP7000, DSP7500, DSP4000B+, as well as older models including the H3000/H3500 series DSP4000/4500 units.

In addition to general Q&A, targeted tutorials, patch design and the use of Eventide's VSIG Graphical Editor for preset and program development are covered on the site.  An extensive FILES area is available, including the Eventide Patch Exchange, with hundreds of user-created program presets.

Italo De Angelis has years of experience using and programming Eventide products from the H3000 to the DSP4000 to Orville and has developed over 1500 algorithm/presets for the various Eventide Harmonizer processor units.

"Italo's passion for Eventide processors makes him the ideal choice for this assignment," explained Eventide audio sales manager Gerry Griffin. "As an accomplished musician, he's recorded and released several CDs which demonstrate his guitar virtuosity, as well as the amazing effects he obtains with Eventide Harmonizer units.  We're excited that Italo will be sharing his knowledge with Eventide users all over the world on the official Eventide support site,