The main purpose of this release has been to convert VSIGfile to 32 bits and fix as many bugs as possible so as to make it more robust on recent operating systems. As a bonus, we have added some useful new features. You can help make it even better by notifying us of any defects you may find by sending us proper bug reports.

A "proper" bug report must contain, at a minimum:

Note: Whenever you have interactions among multiple products, especially when one of them is a PC, it can be hard to determine where a problem lies. If we cannot duplicate or verify your report, it is unlikely that we can fix it. Obviously, you should be using the latest version of VSIGfile as found on our web site, and the latest version of the OS for your Eventide processor. 

Submitting bug reports:

Nothing fancy, just send us an email.  Make sure you cover all the bullet points.

New Features ?

While you are also welcome to send "feature" and enhancement requests, the purpose of this release is to increase robustness rather than to add features. We won't ignore other requests, but probably won't get to them immediately.  

This page created 08 October 2002