Audio and Broadcast Technical Support & Repair

Audio Products (Orville, DSP7000/7500, Eclipse, etc.)

Broadcast products (BD-xxx obscenity delays, etc.)

Technical Support on Broadcast Products.  For all broadcast technical questions, when you email, please be sure to include the model number of the product on the subject line.

Repair inquiries and RMA CHECKLIST

Inquiries regarding repairs should be emailed to our repair department to determine if an actual hardware repair is required and to issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) if appropriate. You will receive a response in 1 to 2 business days. Please include in the email:

Important:  If we correspond several times about the same unit, please keep the relevant sections of each email in subsequent ones so that all the above requested information is in the final RMA request.  We will issue an RMA as appropriate; the RMA number must accompany any product returned.  RMA numbers are only issued by Eventide Customer Support. To obtain an authorized RMA number, please use this email link and fill in the PRODUCT NAME for which you are requesting the RMA.

"Authorized Repair"

We do not recommend that other organizations repair our products in the United States.  Shipping charges to and from Eventide are reasonable, and because we do not manufacture consumer "volume" products, it is likely that a local repair shop would see no more than a handful of our units in a lifetime.  This is not enough either to justify training expenses nor to assure competence.  If you purchased your unit outside the USA, please contact your dealer for more information.    

How long will it take?

Time to repair varies with workload, and is typically from a few days to a few weeks.  You can help make it as short as possible by making your trouble report accurate and comprehensive.  If your problem is intermittent or hard to duplicate it can add significantly to the turnaround time.

We warranty repairs for 90 days, in the sense that if something we've done or a component that we've replaced goes defective within 90 days, we will re-fix or re-replace that component as necessary.  This does not mean that the unit itself has any further or additional warranty.

Where to ship it...

Eventide Inc.
1 Alsan Way
Little Ferry NJ  07643
United States of America

While it's here...

A number of upgrade options are available for our products, especially the H3000 and DSP4000 series.  If your unit is here, we can usually install the upgrades with no additional labor charge.  We can even turn your Orville into an H8000!

Repairable units 

Currently, we know that we can repair the units in the list below.  For all other units, we're sorry - they are just not economically repairable.  We do have many (but by no means all) parts for obsolete units, so inquire if you need something.  We also stock many old manuals, subject to our minimum order policy, and even some advice. 

Repair Rate Schedule Effective: 01 September 2003*       



H3000 all models except original "blackface" $300
H3000 original "blackface"  $325
4000-series Ultra-Harmonizer® models $300
7000-series Ultra-Harmonizer models $300
OrvilleTM and Orville/R $325
EclipseTM $250
EVE/NETTM Remote Controller $225
BD500 Broadcast Delay $300
BD960 Broadcast Delay $250
BD941/942 Broadcast Delay $275
BD980 Broadcast Delay  $325

"Used" component notice: In some case parts for non-current products are commercially unavailable. We reluctantly reserve the option to use "cannibalized" components for repairs if absolutely necessary. Of course we won't unless we must. 

Shipping charges:  The flat rate repair charges include normal return shipping charges.  Shipping to us must be fully prepaid.  If you require special shipping arrangements they will be at extra cost, as will shipments outside the USA.  International customers, please read!

*Flat rate prices quoted are for "normal" failures and include parts and labor. Units subject to unusual conditions (lightning, fire, mechanical damage) or requiring extensive repair (e.g., mother board replacement) will cost more if they can be repaired at all.

Prices effective 01 September 2003
Subject to change without notice or obligation

This page updated 01 December 2004