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Risk-Free Live TV

Eventide® the inventors of digital broadcast delays for obscenity protection on live radio and television programming - now makes video program delay easy and very economical with its second generation BD1020 digital video and delay.

  • Up to 20 seconds of delay
  • Integrated video and stereo audio delay
  • NTSC, PAL and SECAM compatible
  • Two Independently adjustable video delay outputs
  • Headphone output allow simultaneous monitoring live and delayed audio for precise muting
  • LCD readout and dynamically-labeled softkeys for easy control
  • Remote mute switch
  • RS-422 remote control
  • Compact 3.5" rackmount chassis

    Live talk shows, awards specials, telephone call-ins, courtroom TV, breaking news, home shopping - part of the excitement of live TV is that you never know what's going to happen next. But that can be a big problem if "what happens next" is an obscenity, a libelous statement, or a courtroom utterance that should not be aired. Eventide gave ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and many other cable and broadcast organizations a new tool to protect themselves by creating the BD1000-series digital video delays to handle such eventualities.

    Now the Eventide BD1020 does it all in a far smaller, more versatile and more economical package, and for the first time, in PAL and SECAM as well as NTSC formats. The BD1020 is available in a variety of memory configurations, for delay times ranging from 1.1 to twenty seconds. Additional memory for units shipped with less than the maximum 20 seconds of delay can be added in the field.




    Input/output - Composite, 1Vp-p TV System - NTSC/PAL/SECAM, user-selectable Sampling - line-locked, 13.5mHz, 8 or 10 bits Differential gain - 1.5% typical Differential phase - 1.5 degrees typical Audio Input/output - 2 channels, electronically balanced Sampling - 48kHz, 16 bits Frequency response - 20Hz to 20kHz, +/- 0.5dB THD+N - .05% typical Input clip - -6dBu to + 24 dBu, adjustable



    Minimum system - 8-bit video, 16MB memory:

    Max delay 525li/60Hz - 1.201 seconds (18 colorframes) Max delay 625li/50Hz - 1.120 seconds (7 colorframes)

    Maximum system - 10-bit video, 320MB memory:

    Max delay: 525li/60Hz - 20.087 seconds (301 colorframes) Max delay: 625li/50Hz - 19.787 seconds (126 colorframes)

    (inquire for intermediate memory/delay time configurations)


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