You can install all the features of the H3000-B into any other H3000 or H3500 Ultra-Harmonizer. See our upgrades page for more details.

The Industry's Most Colorful Black Box

  • Eventide - The Broadcast and Post Production Specialists Just examine the many differences between an H3000-B and any other audio processor, and you'll see instantly why more radio stations and video post houses use Eventide special effects devices. From its differential balanced XLR inputs and ouputs and professional +4 dBm operating levels to its unique (and uniquely extensive) repertoire of factory presets, the H3000-B gives you a host of essential advantages you just can't get from a "musician's" effects processor. Musicians may have hours to spend playing around with parameters and programs to get the sounds they need: Broadcast and post production professionals don't. That's something Eventide has always known, and it shows in every aspect of the H3000-B's design.

  • A Complete Audio Special Effects Department In One Box If you can purchase only one digital audio processor for your radio station or post production facility, there's only one way to get all the effects you need without sacrificing quality, convenience and effectiveness - make that unit an Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer H3000-B. For example, the H3000-B is the best pitch changer you can buy at any price. Actually, it's two pitch changers - and both are the best you've ever heard from Eventide, the people who continue to set the standards for glitch-free, full bandwidth pitch shifting. Put H3000-B pitch change programs like Alvin, Java the Hun, Gremlins or Auto-Max on a single voice (it only takes one button) and Presto - your studio or on-air booth is filled with an incredible array of characters. The Broadcast Ultra-Harmonizer's two full-function pitch change channels can operate in phase-locked Stereo, Dual, Layered, or Reverse modes. So, if you can imagine what a Four-Headed Grinchosaurus sounds like, you can create that sound with the H3000-B.

  • All This And Time Compression Too? You bet - in full bandwidth stereo with phase-compensated mono compatibility. The Ultra-Harmonizer's true stereo pitch change capability is also the heart of its automatic TimeSqueeze function. Just enter your current running time on the numeric keypad, then tell the H3000-B how long you want your program to be. It does all the calculations for you, and automatically controls the speed of most reel-to-reel and cart machines. This single function alone is equivalent to other units costing four times as much.

  • Plus Great-Sounding Reverbs And Effects The range of the H3000-B's factory reverb and effects programs is truly incredible - everything from a simple Locker Room, to Traffic Report (complete with built-in 'copter), Airport Page, Hellverb, Dream Fantasy, St. Peter's.. Even sound effects like Wave and Windstorm. All at a spin of the Knob. Even without its other abilities, the H3000-B's Reverb Factory, Swept Reverb, Swept Combs, Ultra-tap, Long Digiplex® and Dual Digiplex algorithms qualify it as a top-of-the-line reverb/effects processor - especially when you realize that we've achieved this accessibility and versatility without sacrificing one bit of audio quality.

  • Display And Soft Keys The H3000-B's large, clear 2 line x 40 character LCD readout gives you all the information you need. It's backlit by a bright LED array for excellent visibility. Program and preset names, parameter values, input and output levels and other informatoin are readable at a glance.

    The four control keys are called Soft Keys because they do different things in each program. To maximize the H3000-B's speed and simplicity of operation, each Soft Key does several things at once: That's the power of Eventide's exclusive Soft Functions software design. The Soft Functions are clearly labelled on the 80 character display. Fo instance, hitting the key below the (Trigger) indicator will send you straight to Planet Zorgon when that preset is loaded.

  • Control And Data Entry First, the good news: You'll seldom if ever have to enter data on the H3000-B's keypad. It's there mainly so that TimeSqueeze can do all the calculations involved in time compression or expansion for you. But when you do know exactly which preset or what parameter values you're looking for, just input them and hit the ENTer button. If you mispunch a digit, hit CXL (Cancel) and try again. Most of the time, you'll use the famous Eventide Harmonizer Knob to dial up a program or finetune its parameters. You can even use the knob to change parameters like feedback, delay time or room size in real time. To "nudge" a parameter value or to scroll slowly through the presets, use the Up/Down buttons at the top right corner of the numeric keypad.

    The H3000-B also includes extensive MIDI facilities for remote control of programs, presets, parameters and other data.

  • Level Key And Indicators Left and Right (yes, this is a true stereo processor) input levels are always displayed on a pair of tri-color 10 segment LED bar graph meters. To change input or output levels for either channel or both, press the Levels key. The main display changes to show the input and output levels for the left and right channels in dB.

  • Mode Keys Use the Program key to load a program or preset, to save and remove presets, to upload and download presets, over MIDI or to enable remote program change from any MIDI controller.

    With the Function key you can perform MIDI automation and remote MIDI parameter control. The Parameter key lets you customize any Ultra-Harmonizer program. Each push displays a different group of up to four parameters, which you can then tweak using the Soft Keys and the Knob, the Up/Down buttons or the numeric keypad. Many H3000-B programs include "Expert" parameters which aren't normally displayed, but which let you get deeper into the workings of the program to customize it for special applications.

  • Diatonic Pitch Shifting - Another "First" From Eventide The H3000-B's unique Diatonic Pitch Shift algorithm produces effects that range from a simple A440 test tone to Singalong in C or Space Music - all designed for instant usability on-air or in the studio. But if you want to use them, keep this function away from the musicians on your staff - they're liable to go wild creating multi-textured vocal backups. Specify a key signature or scale, and Diatonic Pitch Shifting automatically turns any note into a correct triad. Your singing isn't always perfectly in tune? No problem - Quantize mode is designed to correct the output to the nearest even tempered pitch.

  • Full MIDI Implementation "Oh great, more stuff for musicians only," you're thinking. Well, think again, because MIDI (the Musical Instrument Digital Interface) can do a lot for DJs and postproduction engineers too. Things like remote-controlling an H3000-B or automating its operation. Not just program change either but full control over every parameter in real time, including input and output levels and in/out switching. Forget the name and think of it as a slower, reduced bandwidth RS422 port, and you'll begin to get an idea of the possibilities.

  • Optional Modifications The Ultra-Harmonizer H3000 is now available in three versions. The H3000-B you know about. The H3000-D/SX Studio Ultra-Harmonizer features the Steve Vai Preset Collection, 48 presets designed by guitarist/producer Vai for Whitesnake's Slip Of The Tongue. The H3000-D/SE Studio Enhanced Ultra-Harmonizer's advanced software includes a Vocoder, an Instant Phaser and four more new effects algorithms, plus 175 factory presets. Conversion kits are available to incorporate any or all of these added features and functions into your H3000 - contact Eventide for the details on prices and availability.

    Now it's the H3000B-PLUS

    Eventide has upgraded the H3000-B Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processor at no increase in price.

    Now, the H3000-B+ includes the unique dynamic effects of our Mod Factory algorithms, as well as the superior quality, six octave Multi-Shift pitch shift algorithm. Mod Factory is an "algorithm contruction kit" which allows the user to select and patch together a full set of independent processing modules. An LFO section allows for smooth autopanning, filter sweeps, etc. Dynamic effects such as reverbs that respond instantly to audio input level changes, are easily created. First developed for our high-end, pro audio Ultra-Harmonizer processors, Mod Factory is an effect explorer's dream come true.

    The new Multi-Shift algorithm is a real enhancement in pitch change quality. Multi-Shift offers superior deglitching and a broad six octave range.

    The H3000-B is the broadcast and post-production industry-standard effects processor. Now, we've raised the standard, while holding the line on price.

    ... And Eventide introduces the H3000-B/LT.

    What's an H3000-B/LT? No, it's not a digital sandwich; the "LT" stands for "Light" (or, to some radio people, "Lite"). The H3000-B/LT Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor is identical to the new, enhanced H3000-BPLUS, but without that unit's Timesqueeze® algorithm and internal hardware for controlling tape machine speed.

    Here's the story: Traditionally, one of the most popular uses for the Broadcast Ultra-Harmonizer processor has been for time compression and expansion of recorded material on reel-to-reel and tape cartridge equipment. In this application, the H3000-B computes the amount of speed change necessary, and through a hardware interface, controls the speed of the tape deck. It also restores the correct audio pitch. But, if you've switched over to recording on a digital device such as a workstation or DAT machine, you no longer need to vary the speed of a motor. And so, we've made a lower priced version that doesn't include that capability.

    The H3000-B/LT can still be used to provide pitch correction for time compression and expansion... with digital or analog equipment. The all-important pitch change algorithms are exactly the same on the H3000-B+ and the H3000-B/LT. You simply manually adjust the playback speed on your workstation or playback deck, and dial in the required pitch change percentage on the H3000-B/LT.

    Now there's a choice. For maximum versatility in time compression and expansion, choose the H3000-B+. Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor. Or, for maximum savings, get an H3000-B/LT.


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