Already one of the most versatile digital audio devices any studio can own, the Ultra-Harmonizer becomes an even more powerful production tool with an Eventide Internal Sampling Board installed. The HS395 adds 16 bit, 44.1 kHz sampling to the H3000's extensive list of audio processing tools.  The HS395 extends sampling time to 47.5 seconds in stereo or 95 seconds in mono. (The HS395 sampler board is standard equipment in the H3500 model and optional in all other models.)

H3000 Internal Sampler Boards store two audio segments in RAM and output two independent mono voices or one stereo voice. Operation is fast and simple. Start recording with a manual or audio trigger. Then edit Start and Stop times using the famous Eventide Knob as a "scrub" wheel, or set Start, Stop, and Loop points from the numeric keypad. Playback can be triggered manually, by audio level or via MIDI.

The unit comes with new Sampler Mode software including an enhanced Audio Trigger mode developed in cooperation with Bob Clearmountain. The revised Audio Trigger faithfully follows the original performance, retriggering the sample each time it receives a new signal input. Other software enhancements include revised menu pages for instant access to the "Play" key while adjusting parameters. The improved software is standard on all new HS395 Internal Sampler Boards. It is also available to owners of earlier-production HS322's: Order Sampler ROM V. 1.3.

Installation note:  The HS395 sampler upgrade WILL NOT function in an original H3000 unit with v1.53 operating system software.  To use the sampler, you will have to upgrade your unit with at least the D/SXCONKIT.  The BCONKIT and D/SECONKIT are also available.


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