Employment Opportunities at Eventide

Engineering & Product Design

Eventide lives by the quality and ingenuity of its products, which are designed by our talented engineers. We typically look for experienced people who are capable of self-directed and creative work with a minimum of supervision and a maximum of responsibility. The teams are small and the projects are challenging. If you like to put a lot of yourself in your designs, you'll like working here.

Please check for opportunities in the following areas:

New - Techwriter

Entrepreneurial Opportunity - EMC/Compliance Test Partner

Communications (logging recorders, public safety products, broadcast delays)
Professional Audio (special effects for music recording and performance) Hardware and Software
DSP Software Engineering

In addition to filling posted positions, we always keep an eye out for engineering talent. We are more impressed by creative thinking and hard work than by letters at the end of your name. Should you find your skills align with our needs and/or products, do not hesitate to send us your resume.

Other Employment Opportunities

While we are almost always looking for engineering talent, other jobs in sales, marketing, administration, test, production, etc., become available from time to time. Should this be the case at present, openings will be listed here.


NEW - April 2005 - Build a receiver to help find extraterrestrial intelligence!

If submitting your resume by email, please be sure to include an ASCII text cover note indicating what position you are interested in, so we can route your email to the appropriate party without having to scrutinize it.  Please send your resume to:

Personnel Department
Eventide Inc.
1 Alsan Way
Little Ferry NJ 07643 USA

voice: 201-641-1200

This page updated 12 September 2005
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