Hardware Design Engineer

We are looking for hardware engineers to help with the design of the next generation of our successful Harmonizer® range. These are complex multiprocessor embedded systems that will produce interesting and challenging work, and will be of particular interest to anyone with a musical or professional audio background.

This position is based at our Little Ferry, New Jersey facility, allowing easy access to New York City, as well as the rural New Jersey hinterland.

Abilities Required:
bulletDevelop and meet specifications
bulletDevelop and meet schedules
bulletProduce cost-effective designs

Experience Required:

bullet1 year audio frequency analog design
bullet2 year digital/logic design
bulletPC-based schematic and layout software

Additional Useful Experience (no particular order):

bulletDSP (especially Motorola)
bulletEMI/RFI compliance
bulletlow level S/W test routines
bulletProfessional audio
bulletGeneral Musical