Entrepreneurial Opportunity! 
EMC and Compliance Test Lab Partner Wanted

A few years ago we purchased some expensive and modern equipment to speed up compliance testing of our avionics products.  We also use it for CE and FCC certification for our other products.  However this equipment suite is tragically underutilized and sits 100% idle most days.  Some of the equipment on site:

What we don't have is anyone to operate the equipment, or anyone who needs testing done on more than an episodic basis.  We would like to find someone who is interested in making a testing business out of this facility.  If you think you would be interested please read on:




We will attempt to build a business in which all parties can make money - you from your services and effort, we from our providing the location and equipment so that they may be provided.

Please note that this is NOT an "employment opportunity."  We do not expect to pay you any money, likewise, we do not expect to collect any from you.  We expect you to provide your time and best effort to make this a business, just as we will provide the setting and equipment.

If we are successful in gaining paying customers, the revenue derived from those customers will be split between us in an equitable manner to be determined during startup negotiations.


You think you might be interested, please email rcf using the subject line "EMC Lab Opportunity" at Eventide with the usual suffix.