Communications Systems Division - Engineering Employment Opportunities

In general we need people with the following skills:
bullet Analog hardware: telephone interface, audio, video, power supply circuits
bullet Digital hardware: high-speed MPU, SCSI, datacomm, PCI
bullet Embedded software: C and assembly for 68K+DSP56K, DSP algorithms, networking
bullet PC applications: C, C++, Visual Basic, database/SQL, Windows NT device drivers

Experienced Hardware/Software Engineer

5 years minimum experience designing and programming with MC68K and DSP56K for telecomm and datacomm applications.  Preferred candidates will have some experience with DSP and PC applications programming.
bulletAnalog circuits: audio, video, telephone interface, power supply
bulletDigital circuits:  PCI-based boards for PCs. FPGA, SCSI, LAN
bulletEmbedded programming: assembler, C, real-time OS, DSP

Software Engineer

5 years minimum experience programming for PCs and servers. Applications involve networking (TCP/IP), database (SQL), streaming audio. Some embedded programming experience preferred.
bulletLanguages: C/C++ required, VB and Java helpful


Updated 25 Feb 2001