BD600 Update Procedures

Version 1.2 for the BD600 has been released as of 02 October 2006.  You can tell the version installed in your BD600 by observing the powerup sequence.  The version number will show as "V 1.0", "V 1.1", or "V 1.2.: 

If you are still using V1.0, we strongly recommend that you upgrade.  V1.0 is no longer supported.  If your unit has version 1.1, you should only upgrade if you need the features/bugfixes listed in the release notes, below.

Release Notes - BD600 Version 1.2


Support for BD600E Extended Remote features
ON state added to relay outputs to assist testing
More options for Maximum Delay value around 10 seconds
User Manual updated to Release 1.3 to support the above 

Problems fixed:

Remote "dump then rebuild" cancels rebuild if already rebuilding 
If the dump amount is set to be the same as the maximum configured delay value, the unit does not rebuild after a DUMP 
Remote "Go to Live" only zeroes the display, not the delay value 
A "Station Break" operation may appear to hang the unit hangs if delay is at zero. 
"Go to Full" does not work from zero delay 
Rebuild times above 9999 seconds are converted to minutes, but the M is not always shown. 
RS232 'N' command does not wrap around after the maximum value as described in manual. 
CONFIG switch cannot be remoted 
"CONFIG" is briefly displayed at startup 
DUMP and SNEEZE do not work as password keys

There are three ways you can upgrade your BD600:

Download the update from this site and send it to the BD600 using the RS232 serial line. This method is only supported on IBM compatible PCs running Windows 95 or later.
Download the update from this site, copy it to a Compact Flash memory card, and use the card to update the BD600. This requires the use of a suitable Compact Flash card reader/writer, usually connected to the PC by a USB cable
Purchase an upgrade card from Eventide.  The Part Number is BUC-000.  

OLD Information - Previous to Version 1.2.

There is a software update available for the BD600.  This update was released on 16 November 2005, and is recommended for installation on all BD600 Units with serial numbers below U-000062.  This is update is software version 1.1 and you can tell if it has been installed in your BD600 by observing the powerup sequence.  The version number will show as "V 1.0" or "V 1.1" 

This page created 16 Nov 2005
This page updated for Version 1.2 on 02 October 2006