Routing - a PC-based Graphical Interface for comprehensive signal matrixing of the H8000/FW and Orville (TM)

Example H8000FW Routing Display

In addition to the ability to conveniently route the H8000 family's digital (and analog) ins and outs, the Routing program gives you an intuitive feeling for the versatility of this new high-end effects processor!

An important feature of the H8000FW and Orville Harmonizer brand effects processor is that you have enormous versatility in how and where you choose to connect your inputs and outputs, and how to connect them to the the DSP blocks.  This versatility can be a bit daunting when trying to set up these units on the text-mode screen.  Therefore, we're providing this utility program that turns "daunt" into "do" with a few mouse clicks.  If you use ROUTING to control the Harmonizer, It's easier to set up, and even more easy to understand what's going on!

ROUTING can be run in DEMO MODE by simply loading it and not configuring a communications channel.  You can use it to see the true versatility of the H8000FW or Orville connection scheme without benefit of hardware if so desired.

A "Help" button explains the program's use without requiring burdensome documentation.

System Requirements:

Routing can communicate with the H8000/FW or Orville using Serial RS232 or MIDI.  Serial is recommended if available as it is about three times faster than MIDI using newer computers.  Cable connections and baud rates default to the same as those used with VSIGfile.

PC-compatible running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or NT4.0, and requires about 5-10M free memory to run. No other platforms are currently supported, although some users have reported success using the Mac platform using the Virtual PCTM emulator.

The Routing program only supports Orville and the H8000 family.  Due to the simpler signal structure of the Eclipse, DSP7000 series and DSP4000 series this program would provide little benefit. 

H8000 Download:

To Install ROUTING for any member of the H8000 family (only), get this self-extracting archive and run it.  Brief documentation is included in the download.

Routing for Orville Download:

A typical Orville

Each block represents a group of inputs, outputs or DSP block. Connections and gain are controlled by mouse actions.

To install ROUTING for the Orville (requires V2.740 or above), get this self-extracting archive and run it.
Brief documentation is included in the download

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