More Information about the WDA Adapter for the Argus Moving Map Displays

WD mode - 360 degree view. Inner range ring denotes 25NM. Dotted range ring denotes 50NM. Outer "T-ring" = 100NM.

WD Mode - 360 degree view. 25NM scale. Note that all WD mode screens simultaneously display navigation information in the upper and lower windows.

Display showing "WX WRN" message in DE/5 mode/range which warns pilot of storms within 25NM and within 60 degrees to either side of aircraft's nose. ("WX WRN" feature available only with WX-1000E. Argus version 04.XX software required.)

WD mode - FWD (forward) view. 200NM scale. Inner range ring denotes 25NM. Dotted rings are at 50NM and 100NM. outer "T-ring" = 200NM.

Eventide Avionics Weather Display Adapters - when used with a Stormscope WX-10/A, WX-11, or WX-1000E processor - make your Argus Moving Map more versatile than ever. Order one along with an Argus 3000, 5000, or 7000, or find out about adding it to your Argus as an upgrade. It's one more reason why many pilots won't leave the ground without their Argus.

The WDA 5005/5007 adapter interfaces directly to the back of the Argus 3000 or 5000, adding 2.0" depth; or it can be mounted remotely. For Argus 7000, the WDA 7005/7007-05 adapter adds 3.1" depth; or it can be mounted remotely.

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