More Information Regarding The Flightplan option for Argus Moving Map Displays

Activating a flightplan is simple. Just select from the on-screen menu descriptions which label the existing Argus function buttons.

Adding, deleting and editing waypoints is a snap with Argus. Its CRT screen presents longer and more detailed choices than most GPS or LORAN units.

Think about how often you want to modify a flightplan enroute. It's quite a hassle to reach over and do it on a nav receiver. Now imagine that you're modifying the flightplan using the Argus screen, right in front of you. That's a lot better, isn't it?

The exclusive Argus SHOW DIST mode lets you see distance to the end of the flight from the beginning, from your current position, and from the selected waypoint. Each is shown via the flightplan as well as direct to the final destination.

Argus can set and display a user waypoint that isn't part of the flightplan. It's great for reminding you of a landmark's location or to help you find an FBO or airport restaurant you haven't visited in a while.

User waypoints also allow the pilot to create specialized flightplans. Here, a grid pattern has been created to aid in a search and rescue mission.

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