(obsolete) Authorization Code Request Form (obsolete)


Please order your database from the Eventide Store

This is the information we need before we can provide an authorization code to update your Argus database. You can print it from your web browser and mail or fax this form to us.

Eventide Inc, 1 Alsan Way, Little Ferry NJ 07643, USA

phone: 201-641-1200 ext 225, fax 201-641-1640, email argus@eventide.com

Argus Information (available on screen after selftest)

Argus model number__________________Six digit serial number ____________________

Four digit program version_____________Two-digit database configuration____________

Database effective date________________Database expiration date____________________

Your information (please PRINT)

Your name_________________________________________________________________

Mailing address_____________________________________________________________

Mailing address_____________________________________________________________


Phone #__________________________________Fax #_____________________________

Email address_______________________________________________________________

Aircraft Manufacturer_____________________Type_______________________________

Aircraft Registration # ("N" number in USA)_______________________________________


What you would like

Subscription Option USA North America International Including North America
One Time Update Quantity____ Quantity____ Quantity____
2x Annual Subscription Quantity____ Quantity____ Quantity____
6x Annual Subscription Quantity____ Quantity____ Quantity____
6x Continuous Subscription Quantity____ Quantity____ Quantity____
13x Annual Subscription (not available) Quantity____ Quantity____
13x Continuous Subscription Quantity____(2 years+) Quantity____ Quantity____

NEW Continuous subscription option. You receive the same updates as with the annual subscription, but we bill you or charge your credit card two years at a time and automatically renew your subscription at the end of each billing period. You no longer have to remember to renew, and, as a bonus, you get an extra FREE database every two years (USA) or a 5% discount on North America and International databases.

I would like to receive my database update file(s) by:

Internet_______________CD______________PCMCIA_Card____________Board_Exchange(monochrome units)______

[_] I also need an Argus Data Transfer Cable - See pricing 


I am enclosing $_________ check or money order.

Please charge $__________ to my credit card, Visa____ Mastercard_____ AMEX_______

Credit card # ________________________Expiration date_________3/4 Digit Security code _______

(For pricing of these services, refer to our current price list or call 201-641-1200.)

If you select "Internet," you MUST fill in your email address, above, and your authorization code will be emailed to you. If you choose to receive a physical medium, your authorization code will be sent with the medium shipment. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your current mail and/or email address!

Note: If you own multiple Argus units that use the same database and don't want to order the "Internet" delivery, you can order a physical medium shipment for the first Argus and "Internet" delivery for the remainder. In this case, we will provide multiple authorization codes with the physical medium shipment if you tell us that that is what you want.

The Fine Print

The data we provide, regardless of method of transfer, is licensed for use on one Argus per authorization code purchased and for no other purpose. This protects our (and, in some cases, Jeppesen's) intellectual property and gives us an incentive to continue providing this service. You agree to use these updates in the spirit of the above statement.

Data is provided at your option by Internet transfer, CD, or PCMCIA data card. If you order the PCMCIA data card, you understand and agree that you will return it to Eventide, prepaid, within 10 days after the effective date of the data or within 10 days of receipt, whichever is later. It is your responsibility to make sure that we receive the card, and we strongly recommend shipping by some traceable method, such as certified mail or UPS. If we do not receive the card for any reason, you agree to pay $500. (It is not necessary to return databases shipped on CD.)

I have read and understood and agree to comply with the fine print, above.



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