To claim your $200 Eventide Anthology rebate:

1. You must have purchased any Digidesign MassivePack plug-in bundle or any other Eventide plug-in, and be a registered Pro Tools HD owner AND have purchased the Eventide Anthology bundle from an Authorized Eventide Dealer between 7/1/05 and 12/31/05. Anthology Upgrade, Academic, and multi-seat purchases are NOT eligible for this rebate.

2. Fill out all the required information below and supply all supporting documents.

3. Mail this form postmarked no later than 31 January 2006 along with the original Eventide UPC barcode label from the Anthology product carton, and your original sales receipts for the Eventide Anthology AND Digidesign MassivePack or other Eventide plug-in to:

Eventide Rebate

One Alsan Way

Little Ferry, NJ 07643

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To qualify for this rebate, all required information must be filled out and documentation included. The original UPC label from the Eventide Anthology carton, both original sales receipts, and this completed form must be mailed to the address above and postmarked no later than 10/31/05. Eventide is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Only one rebate per Anthology purchase and set of supporting documents. Duplicate or previously submitted proof of purchase for any prior Upgrade or Rebate programs are not valid. This rebate cannot be combined with any other Eventide product promotion. Void where prohibited by law. Questions should be referred to Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.