Release Notes

OS Version 3.0 for the Orville, DSP7000 and DSP7500 series of Harmonizer brand effects processors

Please Read before upgrading

Refer to the installation instructions found in oupdate.exe, the firmware updater available as part of this download, for setup and connecting to your Harmonizer product.

Note that installing this upgrade will delete all User Programs. Any Programs that need to be saved must be stored to a card or archived to a computer before installation.

Following restart after install, when asked "clear setup ?", you must choose YES. It's been observed that some SETUP menus may appear blank after this upgrade. We recommend restarting the machine once more after clearing the setup above and holding the 8 key to force a complete reset.

Be sure to read the updated V3.0 User's Manual for more details on the new features.

New Features

New in these product releases are the DistortionCurve(tm) analog distortion module and the Predictive Vocoder(tm) module. DistortionCurve models some uniquely analog types of distortion using a proprietary curve-fitting process.  The Predictive Vocoder module uses a high resolution physical model of the human vocal tract to implement a truly incredible vocoder. The Version 3.0 release also includes a number of performance enhancements.

Issues with release 3.000 resolved in version 3.002: Update 06 May  2003

We have found or have been advised of some minor issues in 3.000 that we have resolved in a maintenance release.  If you performed your update before 07 May 2003, you might want to consider updating to version 3.002.  The issues resolved involve MIDI, sampling rate, and remote control.  Here are the details

Here's a preview of some of the other important enhancements:

Many other bug fixes and system improvements:

VSIGFILE Compatibility
Sigfiles using STEXTKNOB will be incompatible unless references to "textnum" are changed to "textnum_out". This is best done in a text editor rather than Vsig.

Several new modules have been added.  Note that these are NOT covered in the old Modules manual, but ARE covered in Vsigfile help for detailed info.  

This page updated 28 April 2004