Orville, H8000 and H8000A to H8000FW Upgrade Program

Here's how to tell how much it will cost to upgrade your Orville or H8000(A) to an H8000FW.  First, make sure that your Orville has been upgraded to software version 3.x.  If it hasn't been, refer to the email that we sent to all registered owners and perform the upgrade.  If you haven't registered your Orville, please do so that you may perform this step.  Next, power up the Orville and watch the screen.  (No software change is required for an H8000.)

Here is what you get back* after the operation: A fully functional unit which has been upgraded to:

We also offer the following conversions.  (Please note:  In order to keep the cost low, we a new front panel is not included.)

Limited time offer!

Administrative Details - please read carefully!

*All parts and assemblies removed in the upgrade are retained by Eventide.

Prices and terms for all offers subject to change without notice or obligation.

This page created 05 October 2004
This page updated 01 January 2006