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Eventide proudly introduces its new eight-channel processor, the H8000FW Ultra-Harmonizer® effects processor.  Designed for ultimate flexibility, the H8000FW provides the highest quality audio performance combined with over sixteen hundred of our best preset-algorithms culled from over thirty five years of developing effects for live sound, broadcast, post-production, and music recording.

The H8000FW Ultra-Harmonizer: Hard-core hardware.
When compromise is not in your vocabulary.

H8000FW Press Release
H8000FW brochure (PDF)

Operating manual (PDF) (includes interface manual)
Presets manual (PDF)
H8000 MP3 DEMO (14MB, thanks Matthais Adloff)
H8000 FAQ
H8000FW Rear Panel View
MP3 files - Beautiful Love and Min 3rd down
VSIGfile - Create your own algorithms!
- Convenient program for connecting Is and Os

EVE/NET Remote Manual
Harmonizer Technical Notes
Owner Registration (Necessary for upgrades)
Option: DB25 AES Digital I/O "Snake"
NEW:  H8000FW Driver Download

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