H8000/H8000A/H8000FW Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Is the H8000 series compatible with the EVE/NET Controller?
A:  Yes, subject to the fact that the EVE/NET has four LED columns whereas the H8000 series has eight.  You can select which four of the eight channels will be displayed on the EVE/NET at any time.  The H8000 connection is identical to that of the Orville, which is covered in the EVE/NET manual.

Q:  Is the H8000 series more powerful than the Orville?
A:  Yes, The DSP themselves are more powerful, and run at a a higher clock speed, which yields more processing power.  In addition, the H8000s can run a single program on both DSPs simultaneously.  This more than doubles the effective power when running a single preset.

Q:  Is it possible to add more analog I/O to the H8000?
A:  Eventide now offers the H8000A and the H8000FW, both of which feature four channels of pristine analog I/O (greater than 110dB S/N), in addition to their digital interfaces.  

Q:  Is it possible to upgrade my OrvilleTM to an H8000FW?
  Yes!  By filling out this information and submitting it to Eventide.

Q:  Can I add FireWire to my H8000 or H8000A?
A:  Yes - here is information on this program.

Q:  With what is the H8000FW DB25 AES connector compatible?
A:  It IS compatible with  Tascam MMR-8 and Digidesign HD-192, and maybe their other products.  It IS NOT compatible with Yamaha's use of the same connector.

Updated 04 May 2006