Custom scales for the H8000 and H8000A

Pitch Shifting traditionally falls into two main categories known as Chromatic and Diatonic. Eventide, the inventor of digital pitch shifting, now brings back a third type, Custom Scales Pitch Shifting, which was introduced to the market for the very first time by the H3000, back in the 1980s. Our current products -  H8000, H8000A and ECLIPSE - now offer this classic effect, developed and powered to a high level of flexibility and musical creativity never available before on any effects processor in the market.

Custom Scale Pitch Shifting overrides the strict math rules of Chromatic Shifting and expands the musical ones allowed by Diatonic Shifting. You can create your own scale, made of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 notes. You can choose the exact amount of pitch shifting applied to each single note in your custom scale, opening up territories like Counterpoint, Hybrid Harmonies, Poly-Tonality, Ethnic Harmonies and more... much more!

The H8000 Preset Manual has a description of our H8000 algorithm, with examples of the unit's displayed menupages and parameters and an explanation of their functions.