Eventide Press Releases - 2004




Nov 2004 Communications Ethan Sugerman tapped for Logger Quality Assurance
Nov 2004 Corporate Jason Beck appointed Chief Operating Officer
Oct 2004 Audio Plug-In Demo Disk Offered at AES
Oct 2004 Audio Eventide Unveils H3000 "FACTORY" Plug-In at AES
Oct 2004 Audio International Distribution of Eventide Plug-ins by Digidesign
Oct 2004 Audio Expanded Analog I/O Capability With the New H8000A
Oct 2004 Audio Joe Desmond & Assoc. to Represent Eventide in Bay Area 
Sept 2004 Audio Eventide Announces Orville-to-H8000 Upgrade Program
Sept 2004 Audio Engineer Sean Beresford Uses Clockworks LegacyTM Plug-ins
August 2004 Audio H3000 Band DelaysTM TDM Plug-In Now Shipping
August 2004 Audio Eclipse 3.0 Update Brandishes User-Definable Scales
August 2004 Audio H8000 and Octavox Nominated for TEC Awards
August 2004 Communications New VR725 Mid-Sized Linux Logger Introduced
July 2004 Communications Eventide Logs Aviation Traffic at South Pole
July 2004 Audio "Bassy" Bob Brockmann Uses Clockworks Legacy Plug-Ins
July 2004 Audio Eventide Plug-ins Availability for Windows 
July 2004 Audio Eventide Plug-ins for Digidesign|ICON and COMMAND|8
June 2004 Communications VR615 Logger is Solution for Arlington County Mobile Command
June 2004 Audio Go-To Guitarist Tariqh Akoni Leans on Eventide Eclipse
May 2004 Audio Peter McCabe Uses Clockworks Legacy for McCartney Remix
May 2004 Communications Leon Goudikian Appointed Technical Support Engineer
April 2004 Audio Stop the Presses!  Eventide in the Newspapers and on the TV
April 2004 Audio US and Canada Dealer Network Merged
April 2004 Audio BD500 Now Offers 40 Seconds of Profanity Delay Protection
Mar 2004 Communications VR615 Logger Availability Announced
Mar 2004  Communications New Communications Division Reps Appointed
Mar 2004 Communications New Communications Division Dealers Named
Feb 2004 Audio Reverb and Octavox Plug-Ins Now Shipping
Jan 2004 Audio H8000 8-Channel Harmonizer effects processor ships
Jan 2004 Audio H3000 BAND DELAYS™ Plug-In launched at NAMM
Jan 2004  Audio Tone Merchants Amp Up with Eventide
Jan 2004  Audio Soul Tech Marketing Appointed Rep for NY Metro