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The new two- or four-channel unit offers communications professionals a dedicated standalone instant recall recorder for emergency call centers.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, August 21, 2005 - Eventide will be demonstrating the DIR911t, its next generation instant recall recorder to communications professionals at the 2005 APCO International exhibition. With two or four channels of digital recording and Eventide's IntelliClear™ speed control, the DIR911t offers users unparalleled functionality for playback and recording tasks in a compact, stand-alone unit.

"In today's 911 call center, the difference between life and death can often be the speed and the quality of the information retrieved from the instant recall recorder," said Eventide Communications Division general manager, Gordon Moore. The Eventide DIR911t instant recall recorder, based on the Linux OS, was built with this in mind. Eventide has taken instant recall ease-of-use to new heights; the DIR911t is a standalone unit capable of playing back messages at variable speeds quickly and easily using dedicated buttons and a jog shuttle wheel to control the speed. "Under the extreme pressure of a call truncated by disaster," Moore added, "the 911 operator has to be able to play back the call fragment and determine what action to take in a split-second - there is no margin for error."

Eventide, having built a worldwide reputation for audio signal processing for broadcast and recording for over three decades, has brought this expertise to bear in the DIR911t. Featuring IntelliClearTM, the DIR911t's variable speed adjustment is automatically pitch corrected providing enhanced intelligibility.

The DIR911t offers two telephone/auxiliary recording channels, each with 60 minutes of recording capability, and comes with a built-in 10-minute UPS. This can be expanded by adding two additional telephone/auxiliary channels, for a total of four channels of recording with 60 minutes each. Recording storage can be expanded to two or four hours per channel. The DIR911t comes as a desktop unit, which is rack mountable, and two can be rack mounted side by side.

The Eventide DIR911t provides password security that protects the system setup parameters from being accidentally changed or erased. Playback and recording are made simple with the DIR911t, which allows users to record two channels and play back messages simultaneously. All messages are recorded in a standard .WAV file format for easy copying and playing on any PC or can be emailed right from the unit. Each message is also tagged with precise time and date. The unit records and displays all CLID, DTMF, and ALI data telephone numbers. Messages can be saved for later review. Calls can also be easily archived to a USB key or flash drive using the front panel USB connectors. The DIR911t even allows system alerts and alarms to be emailed automatically.

Searching and accessing recorded data has never been easier with the DIR911t's large, bright, four line by 40 character back-lit LCD screen capable of displaying message number, time/date and length, as well as current time and date. The unit's intuitive interface includes dedicated buttons for recall, save and filter functions, as well as line select and system setup. The users can instantly search messages with the next and previous message buttons or the fast message scan shuttle wheel.

The DIR911t easily integrates into an existing communications network via Ethernet and its FCC-approved internal telephone interface with a selectable beep. The logger can be connected to external time and date sync from RS-232 standard formats, Ethernet NTP or GPS receivers. Call monitoring and playback can be performed via headset jacks, monitor out jacks or through the unit's built- in internal loudspeaker with a dedicated volume knob.

About Eventide

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide developed the first digital voice logger in 1989. Eventide's latest, the Linux-based VR725, VR615, and VR778, its fourth-generation digital voice logger product line, features expanded connectivity, accessibility and density. The VR series are fully usable as stand-alone loggers, and function as a network server for Windows 2000 or XP workstations. The VR778 will continue to operate even when your network doesn't. Visit Eventide on the Web at www.eventide.com.

Eventide is a registered trademark, and IntelliClear is a trademark of Eventide Inc.