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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, March 24, 2004 - Eventide today announced the immediate availability of its recently released VR615, its fourth-generation digital voice logging and archiving system for smaller and midsized public safety communications professionals. Based on the Linux operating system, the VR615 provides rock-solid reliability in a full-featured system free of software licensing costs, for mission-critical applications.

The VR615 is available from 8 to 48 analog channels, or 16 to 32 digital record channels, or a mix of both, depending on end-user requirements. Single span and dual span Direct T1/ISDN PRI interfaces are available for both products, as well. The VR615, like its big brother the VR778, provides a scalable digital voice logging and archiving system that is field upgradeable. Standard features on the VR615 include a mirrored RAID-1 system with dual 120GB hard disks, recording up to 19,800 channel hours at 13kb/s GSM, and a DVD-RAM offering 1,540 recording hours per DVD for archiving. In addition, an intuitive front interface offers complete control of all functions of the VR615, creating a fully-functional stand-alone logger that continues to function even when the network doesn't. The VR615 can also function as a network server with up to 16 separate users simultaneously accessing the system via an unlimited number of Windows NT, XP or 2000 networked PC workstations.

Eventide's Call Record Browser software supports live monitoring or playback with talking/time/date of up to eight simultaneous channels, which, according to Gordon Moore, General Manager, Eventide Communications Systems Division, allows users to quickly access archived calls more efficiently than ever before. "The digital technology and easy-to-operate user interface provide end-users with more productive means to access archived calls," Moore said. "Rather than searching for a certain tape in a library of tapes, users can just click on date of a call and it's right there, allowing them to focus on the task of saving lives."

About Eventide

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Little Ferry, New Jersey, Eventide developed the first digital voice logger in 1989. Now introducing its fourth-generation digital voice loggers, the Eventide VR778 and VR615 will continue to operate even when your network doesn't. Visit Eventide on the Web at www.eventide.com.

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